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Data Center Information

Cross Connect Options Zayo, Frontier, Comcast, BlackRock, Inetrga, Wolfe, TW Telecom.
BGP Bandwidth NTT, PCCW, Level(3), Wolfe , Spectrum, Integra, SIX, TW Telecom.
Generators 2 x 2 Megawatt with fuel on site and fuel contracts.
Seismic Characteristics Building: UBC Zone 4.Cabinets: UBC Zone 4.Land Site Class D.
Fire Suppression Dual interlocking pre-action dry fill fire suppression systems.VESDA.Clean Agent fire suppression units.
Security Cameras-infrared and motion.Key card and biometric fingerprint access.24/7 Security guards.

Compute/Network/Storage Provided

CPU’s Provided Intel Xeon 2.4Ghz processors or better.
Memory Provided 1333Mhz or better.
Storage Provided Storage arrays containing storage pools of 7.2k, 10k, 15k disks.
Hardware Replacement SLA 4 hours.
Storage Network Provided 10Gb/40Gb.
VM Network Provided 10Gb.
VM OS’s Provided Windows 2008R2, Windows 2012R2.
ESXi Version Provided ESXi 5.5U1 newer.
vCloud Director Version Provided 5.5U1 or newer.
Available Resource Allocation Models Allocation Pool.Pay/Go.

Per VM Maximums and Information

Per VM Maximum Memory Supported 32Gb Additional memory per VM available upon request.
Per VM Maximum vCPU Supported 6 vCpu Additional vCPU per VM available upon request.
Per VM per Disk Size Supported Up to 2Tb per disk Multiple disks per vm is supported. Larger disk sizes are available upon request.
VM OS’s supported OS Supported LINK
Per VM IOPS 250 IOPS Additional IOPS per VM available upon request.

Available Firewall

vCloud Edge Gateway Multiple performance sizes available. Active/Passive options also available.
Internet Bandwidth 100mbs minimum burstable to 1Gb Limited to purchased amount.

Per VM Alert and Notification Options (included with Basic Management)

VM CPU Usage 90%/30mins
VM Memory Usage 95%/30mins
VM Disk Space 10% free/anytime
Other alarms and thresholds are available upon request.

Snapshot Policies

VM Snapshot Frequency 1 per 24 hours
VM Snapshot Retention 7 days
Restore SLA Customer contact response Time: 1 hour Per VM Restore time: Avg 1 hour per server. Restore times are heavily dependent on the disk size of the VM being restored.


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