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Professional Healthcare IT Consulting Service

IT is an essential part of any healthcare organization, but achieving 100% uptime, reducing open tickets, optimizing IT costs, and enhancing IT performance and outcomes is not the specialty of hospitals and clinics across the US.

Our teams are dedicated to the healthcare industry. We have specialized teams for each type of care delivery practice including orthopedic, dermatology, internal medicine/gastroenterology, and many others.

Our private redundant cloud assets are tier-5 platinum certified with advanced HIPAA accreditation.

We work almost exclusively with healthcare organizations across the USA. We consult, plan, implement, and manage hundreds of healthcare technology projects each year, with tens of thousands of seats under regular management.

At True North, we’re dedicated to providing complete healthcare IT consulting services.

Benefits of Our Healthcare IT Consulting

Types of Healthcare IT Consulting Services

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits our hybrid cloud hosting services can deliver to your business:

IT Maturity Roadmap

Using our tested framework, we create a comprehensive map of your IT maturity level and help you move your IT into the cloud while supporting you every step of the way.

We can assess and plan your people, processes, and technology needs for implementation by your teams, or take things one step further with turn-key implementation and ongoing management.


Benefits of Working With Our Healthcare It Consulting Company

True North delivers the highest quality healthcare IT consulting services. Discover the benefits of choosing us.

Turn-Key Healthcare IT Consulting Services

When we come in, we’ll identify the issues your system presents, offer comprehensive solutions, and then continue to optimize them in the background.

Predictable and Optimized Costs

True North consolidates your technology solutions and removes unnecessary bloat, resulting in more optimized costs.

The Right Tools for Every Task

As part of the optimization process, we can consolidate and improve the tools you use within your facility, empowering your staff to deliver the highest levels of patient care. We’ll also identify gaps in your technological library and provide powerful recommendations that’ll improve your staff’s efficiency.

Augmented IT Expertise

Your internal IT teams should be focusing on strategic projects, not troubleshooting gremlins in the EMR. Our Healthcare IT Experts augment your internal resources, allowing your teams to focus on the major projects while we take care of point solutions and optimizations.

Reduced Downtime

For medical facilities, downtime is disastrous. It can prevent you from treating patients, costing you huge amounts of money in lost productivity and reducing the quality of care. True North optimizes all of your technology in the backend, reducing failure rates of technology. With us at your back, you can mitigate the looming threat of downtime.

24x7 Support

Through our healthcare IT consulting services, we provide all of our clients with 24×7 support. If you have an issue, no matter when you have it, we’ll get your systems back up and running at lightning speed.

Exceed Compliance Regulations

Your IT partner needs to have full compliance with each requirement to ensure the safety of your confidential information. We implement the highest security standards to ensure that regardless of which requirements you need to meet, we’ve got you covered.

Increased Security

We go above and beyond the minimum security requirements to give you and your patients peace of mind. True North leverages industry-leading physical and digital security solutions to ensure we provide you with the security you need to feel confident.

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A healthcare IT consultant is a specialized firm that helps healthcare providers improve healthcare delivery, reduce costs, address challenges facing the practice, and boost profitability.

To identify if a healthcare IT consulting service is right for your organization, check for:

  • The capabilities the healthcare IT consulting firm offers
  • Experience working with organizations in your field and healthcare leaders
  • Past client experiences (and results)
  • Assurances with regards to their service and performance guarantees

Most healthcare IT consulting services offer complimentary initial discussions, so that’s a good place to start getting answers.

A healthcare IT consulting firm supports your healthcare organization’s mission of value-based healthcare. Consultants will help you:

  • Improve administrative efficiencies
  • Enhance quality of patient care
  • Streamline healthcare delivery
  • Adopt digital healthcare and cloud-based technologies
  • Optimize medical device and care delivery costs
  • Adopt data-driven methodologies
  • Deploy technologies organization-wide
  • Ensure compliance (HIPAA, SOX, PCI, etc.)
  • And much more

Note that consulting engagements are unique to your needs–for instance, migrating to a new EMR system, adopting cloud-based healthcare systems, or streamlining IT operations.

Healthcare IT consultants are experts in the field, assisting organizations and physician-owned practices with all technology-related matters. A consultant will work with you to:

  • Audit existing IT infrastructure and processes
  • Identify gaps and vulnerabilities in your IT
  • Create short-term plans and long-term technology roadmaps
  • Evaluate hardware, software, and vet vendors
  • Onboard new technologies (and offload legacy systems)

IT consulting engagements are not one-size-fits-all. Depending on your needs, you can hire a healthcare IT consulting company for a specific project, to improve patient experience or a wider engagement.

Identifying the “best” healthcare IT consulting firm for your healthcare can seem daunting–after all, what should your starting point be? Start by asking:

  • If the firm specializes in the healthcare industry
  • About the results their advisory services have achieved
  • For references from previous clients and case studies
  • Any other points of concern you have

This will help answer if the healthcare IT consulting service is best-fit for your organization, and what the relationship moving forwards will look like.

Though you’ll likely engage one healthcare IT consulting company, you may work with a wide range of consultants for different aspects of your business. Some ‘types’ of healthcare consultants are:

  • CIO-level strategists
  • Life sciences experts
  • Technology consultants
  • Legal and compliance consultants
  • HR and personnel advisors
  • Marketing specialists
  • Financial services experts

To make the most of your healthcare IT consulting service, be clear about your needs. Also, set relevant KPIs to measure your results, whether you’re trying to raise patient engagement, boost productivity, or migrate EMR systems.

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