Cloud-Hosted Virtual Desktop Services

Empower your hybrid workforce with secure, sustainable, and scalable cloud-hosted virtual desktop solutions.

Virtual Desktops, Designed Just for Healthcare

No technical expertise required—just cost-effective, time-saving, high-performance cloud-hosted virtual desktop solutions.

Why choose True North as your cloud-hosted virtual desktops provider?

  • Slash hardware maintenance and management expenses with cloud-based desktops helping your workforce run in-office and remotely.
  • Guarantee HIPAA-compliant data access with regulation-compliant platforms and connections so your clinical teams have remote access to patient data.
  • Security compliance from day 1—built-in safety solutions limit organizational vulnerabilities.
  • Seamless integration between systems is the name of the game with interoperable systems powering streamlined workflows.
  • Monitor data access and tool use 24/7 with advanced access control.



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End-to-End Cloud-Hosted Virtual Desktop Services



Existing equipment converts into cloud-ready desktops, reducing costly device maintenance and replacement expenditures



Providers always have access to the vital data they need in secure virtual desktops—making it easier to work remotely or in another clinic.



Information sets are integrated across locations and systems via virtual workspaces, improving comprehensive analysis, reporting, and monitoring.



Your stored health information is entirely secure with cloud desktop protocols that adhere to industry standards and best practices.



Patients benefit from expanded support as providers offer virtual resources from the bedside to homes and beyond.



Your data is safe from interruptions or incidents, quickly restorable from constant cloud-based backups.

Remote Desktops, Maximum Control—Virtual Desktops for Healthcare

Desktop Virtualization in Healthcare—Secure Solutions for Remote Teams

Cut operations expenses and boost security with virtual desktops—all while giving your team the information they need for remote work, as well as in-office and hybrid.

Many clinics have already implemented Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI), but trends are shifting away from VDI toward cloud-hosted virtual desktops.

Cloud virtual desktops are a safe, reliable way to provide data and applications to authorized users anywhere, anytime, from any device

With virtual desktop solutions, use remote protocols to establish a secure connection and route each user to their necessary destination, whether remote or in another clinic.

cloud-hosted virtual desktops

The Premier Cloud-Hosted Virtual Desktop Provider


Lower deployment costs


Reduced total cost of ownership by endpoint


Improved business continuity


Less downtime and fewer unplanned outages

Virtual Machine Hosting

Flexible, Secure Working Options

In healthcare, constant, efficient data access is life or death.

Hosted virtual desktops are equipped with secure, single sign-on, allowing your clinicians and healthcare staff to get the information they need to provide high-quality care.

Powerful Frameworks for Your Cloud Desktop

Cloud-hosted desktops are fully interoperable with your EMR and other key systems.

Frequent, comprehensive backups on a geo-diverse cloud ensure your data and systems can be restored in seconds

No matter what, your team can access the systems they need via secure virtual desktops without fear of costly and inconvenient outages.

Cloud-Hosted Virtual Desktop Services

Save Hundreds With Cloud-Based Desktops

Reduce the resources required to maintain your IT infrastructure and centralize end-user management.

No Technical Know-How? No Problem, With Desktop Virtualization

No technical know-how needed when it comes to setting up your cloud-hosted virtual desktops.

Data access and restoration is faster than ever with cloud-hosting services 2 times faster than the industry average.

And that’s not even covering our 24/7 issue resolution—our team is ready to help address problems and set up new cloud-hosted virtual desktops, around the clock.

Cloud Desktop

Unlock Mobility With the Industry’s Leading Virtual Desktop Provider

Augment Reliability

Real-time data backups minimize user stress and admin burden

Improve Outcomes

Remote clinical collaboration capabilities drive better patient care

Ensure Compliance

Best-practice encryption and regular audits slash compliance costs


Cloud capabilities support seamless management of an evolving workforce

Healthcare-Focused Cloud-Hosted Desktops

Choose True North for cloud-hosted virtual desktop services to:

  • Reduce cost: Cloud desktops reduce IT management and hardware maintenance expenses by 50% or more
  • Streamline workflow: Enjoy interoperability with your EMR and other systems—facilitate workflow optimization and increase staff bandwidth.
  • Boost cybersecurity: Centralize security management with ransomware-immune, always-updated systems


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