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Our purpose-built healthcare cloud and expertise with on-prem, Azure, and AWS hybrid deployment ensure you have the fastest and most secure healthcare IT systems in the US.

Why work with True North for your Healthcare Cloud:

 over 14 years and expertise with hybrid deployments including those across Azure and AWS

for cloud hosting redundancy and sub-minute RTO and RPO (we also have 10,000+ seats under management in our own private hosted cloud)

and we offer the most advanced HIPAA model used by Fortune 100 clients

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Why You Need Cloud Services For Healthcare

Today’s thriving healthcare facility depends on an agile, secure, and efficient technology base for its care delivery.

Unfortunately, many practices find themselves encumbered with legacy hardware, software, and processes that become obstacles to efficiency as time goes on. 

Obsolescence, cloud security vulnerabilities, and maintenance costs can put enormous pressure on a practice’s bottom line.

That’s why the adoption of cloud services for healthcare is growing exponentially.

Cloud Services For Healthcare
Medical Cloud Services

Medical Cloud Services: Slash your Practice’s IT Costs in Half

That’s why the adoption of cloud services for healthcare is growing exponentially. Offering healthcare facilities the ability to shift spending away from capital hardware expenditures for significant savings.

While boosting productivity, efficiency, and ensuring compliance with strict HIPAA standards – VMware-powered healthcare cloud services from True North will transform the way your healthcare organization operates.

How Healthcare Cloud Computing Will Transform Your Practice

As a healthcare practice, your major challenges include maintaining operational efficiency, controlling costs, protecting patient data, orchestrating appointments, and scheduling practitioners while delivering outstanding care.


Healthcare Cloud Computing

Worried About Bottle-necks
and Increasing IT costs In Your Healthcare Facility?

Our managed healthcare cloud services are designed to help you overcome all these obstacles, transforming your practice’s efficiency while empowering your team. The benefits to your practice include:

Cost Savings

With healthcare cloud services from True North, acquiring and maintaining expensive network hardware is a thing of the past. Instead, you’ll enjoy significant cost savings with a full suite of cloud-based infrastructure and software services delivered via a secure internet connection for predictable – and affordable – cost control.

Improved Efficiency

With dependable cloud-based services backed by industry-leading SLAs, you’ll benefit from always-available computing capability that’s accessible from anywhere, boosting your efficiency by allowing unmatched collaboration and mobility.

Increased Security

Our fully HIPAA-compliant healthcare cloud services are protected by some of the strongest security measures in the industry. Your critical data will be safely housed offsite at our secure data centers, giving you added peace of mind.

Make Sure You Healthcare Practice
is Always Up and Running No Matter the Circumstance

With TrueNorth’s healthcare cloud services, your medical practice will always be safe from disasters and have the flexibility of scaling up — or down.

Disaster Recovery

Cloud-based services combined with secure offsite storage allow you to take advantage of our disaster recovery services to ensure your business continuity in the event of an unforeseen event. Should disaster strike, our data redundancy measures will get you back up and running in a short period of time.


With cloud services from True North, you’ll only pay for the computing power you need, giving you incredible scalability to grow your practice. Without physical network hardware to worry about, you can increase or decrease your services as required.

Medical Cloud Services

Enjoy Best-in-Class Practice Capability with the Sophisticated Security that today’s Healthcare Practice Needs

Take advantage of our full suite of EMR hosting and consulting solutions designed to make your health records work for you.

Our EMR implementation consultants leverage their extensive healthcare IT expertise to:

  • Understand your EMR challenges
  • Provide guidance on your HIPAA compliance
  • Implement the right solutions for you

Healthcare Cloud Hosting

The healthcare industry isn’t immune to massive changes as a result of technological innovation. For example, hospitals are legally mandated to include patient data on digital formats as a result of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act.

This legislation, enforced by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, does away with clunky, paper-based records and moves all data storage to hybrid cloud systems.

Healthcare Cloud Computing
Team of Technical Moderators Have Active Discussion in Monitorin

Healthcare Cloud Hosting Benefits and Purposes

Cloud hosting methods assist medical personnel, doctors, and nurses with quick, on-demand access to patient records. 

The initial cost of implementing this technology can be high, both in terms of resources and time required for training purposes, but the benefits are manifold.

And it’s not just the storage of health records undergoing a radical transformation. 

The HIPAA Privacy Rule makes healthcare providers liable for the protection of all patient data they store. This means hospitals must put in place rigorous mechanisms to ensure that unauthorized parties can’t access the data and that patients have the ability to issue a written consent whenever their patient information is passed on to a third-party.

Trusted Medical Cloud Services

As a leader in providing healthcare cloud hosting software and computing solutions to health facilities of all sizes, True North’s years of IT experience combined with our HIPAA compliance and dedicated hosting services expertise makes us the ideal partner to ensure your practice achieves your operational goals.

From EMR and HIPAA consulting services through to providing managed cloud services tailored to your practice’s needs, True North is the trusted healthcare IT partner you can depend on to help you reach your healthcare organizations’ goals.

Trusted Medical Cloud Services

Contact one of our healthcare cloud IT experts today

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