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Our team of EHR consulting experts will boost the performance of your EHR,
customize workflows, and help you optimize your systems.

Is Your Poor EHR System Performance and Workflows Impacting Your Physicians?

We will improve the productivity of your staff and the quality of your EHR experience for your physicians.

Each EMR consultant will work with your practice to understand your needs and deliver solutions tailored to meet them.

Beyond our technical expertise, you’ll benefit from our extensive EMR consulting on a wide range of EMR-related topics such as:

  • Workflow optimization
  • Clinical content
  • Practice efficiency
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Improving patient engagement

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EMR Consulting Solutions That Will Revolutionize Your Medical Practice

As a physician, your ability to deliver outstanding health care services depends on having reliable, secure, and fast access to your patient records.

You don’t have time to wait for charts or medical history to load; you need to have a system in place that ensures you can help the maximum number of patients while giving them the best possible experience.

Our experience in the healthcare IT field can make sure you have the IT solutions in place for your practice so that your organization is positioned to reach its goals.


True North’s EMR & EHR Consulting Firm Include:

Speed and performance EHR optimizations and tuning

Implementation and migration of your EHR

Patches, updates, and assessments

Hosting and ongoing management of your EHR

Clinical workflow assessment and implementation

Data security, scanning, backup, and disaster recovery

User training and onboarding.

Integration, interop, and interface customization.

9 KPIs You Can Check in
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If your EHR is among the slowest in the USA

True North EMR Consulting Company by the Numbers



Over 1000 EHR projects completed over 14 years.


Over 60% reduction of IT issues after just 4 months


EHRs optimized by True North are over two times faster than industry average.

EHR Consulting: Save Time With Fast Access to Your Patient Records

Tired of waiting to access patient charts? Does a slow system mean you’re struggling to keep up with your daily workloads?

Make sure that your system’s performance is reviewed to guarantee you aren’t wasting time.

With a fully-optimized system, you’ll not only have faster access to your EMR/EHR health records and patient histories – but your team members will have all the tools they need to perform the critical administrative functions that are the key to a thriving practice. Because at the end of the day, slow or unreliable computing response times will reduce the performance of your entire staff.

EHR Consulting

Benefits EHR Consulting Services

Put an End to Slow and Lagging System Performance

Access your electronic health records quickly

Eliminate non-performing workflows

Put an end to slow chart retrievals

Enjoy fast response times and system logins

Ensure the patient data you need is there when you need it


Serve More Patients

Serve More Patients And Improve Their Experiences

Our EHR consulting experts do more than just advise you on IT matters; we’re also experts when it comes to practice efficiency.

Our experience helping medical organizations ensure they have the more efficient processes means you’ll be able to see more patients, care for them faster, and give them the best possible patient experience.

You’ll be able to:

  • Reduce your time to chart
  • Schedule visits more efficiently
  • Maximize the amount of engagement with each patient

Healthcare EMR Consulting: Improve Your Care Delivery and Practice Efficiency

Streamline your clinical workflows

Boost patient engagement and experience

See more patients

Reduce physician clinical hours

Does Your Technology
Meet Your Needs?

Are you frustrated with your current system? Have you determined that it doesn’t meet your needs, but you don’t know how or where to start?

But you also need more than just a computing infrastructure – it needs to work seamlessly with your administrative and EHR applications.

Fortunately, our extensive experience successfully implementing the most popular platforms – including GE Centricity EMR, Aprima, NextGen EMR, Allscripts, eClinicalworks, Intergy, Greenway, and Practice Partners – means that the software you depend on will integrate flawlessly into your workflows.

Cloud and On Premise Backup Solutions
Disaster Recovery Planning

Get Optimal Technology Infrastructure For Your Healthcare Organization

Our EMR implementation specialists help you put an IT network in place tailored to your specific needs so you’ll be well positioned to concentrate on what you do best – deliver outstanding health care.

Healthcare EHR Consulting: Ensure Your Systems Meet Your Needs

Complete assessments of your existing computing

Discover why your existing system doesn’t serve your needs

Guidance on system replacements and upgrades

Get the most out of your EMR/EHR software

Private Cloud Disaster Recovery

Enjoy Peace of Mind That Your Data is Secure

Having a fully HIPAA- and HL7-compliant technology partner will ensure you remain ahead of the curve in safely managing your patients’ electronic medical records.

We offer best of breed data protection thanks to our secure data centers that incorporate the highest standards of physical security and data redundancy.

Our disaster recovery options protect the integrity of your data, preventing loss of sensitive information by offering redundant backup servers.

Should you suffer a service disruption, our recovery solutions will have your EHR access back up and running at a moment’s notice.

Guaranteed Protection and Data Security Compliance

SOC2 and HIPAA compliant

Ensure full HIPAA and HL7 compliance of your records

The safest possible storage of your data in high-security data centers

Full HIPAA compliance training for your staff

Assistance with ‘Meaningful Use” guidelines


Take Your Practice’s Profitability To The Next Level with True North’s EMR Consulting Group

Unlike most EHR consulting companies, we offer a team of dedicated and expert EMR clinical implementation consultants who have years of experience in the healthcare IT field.

We’ll guide you with and deliver to your practice the support it needs to run efficiently, effectively and securely. Based on your specialty and workflows.

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Ensure EMR Implementation And Full Integration With Your Other Systems

Our managed services and solutions bring best in class electronic medical record management guidance to your practice, giving you a firm technological base from which to grow your operations.

To ensure your systems run smooth all the time, our services also include:

  • Complete EMR support
  • Robust EMR testing

Trust the company that understands healthcare-specific IT requirements, and harness the power of our extensive knowledge and expertise.

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