Cloud Backup

In today’s business environment, having a secure backup system in place is crucial to maintaining the integrity of your data.

Cloud and Off-Premise Backup

Without your data, your operations can be seriously compromised.

True North offers industry-leading off-premise cloud-based backup services that bring a wide array of benefits to your business. From cost savings to increased reliability, we have the data backup solution to fit your needs.

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The Benefits Of True North’s Cloud Backup Services

Our business cloud backup solutions take advantage of state-of-the-art tools to ensure that your data is
fully replicated offsite. Some of the benefits of our cloud backup services include:

Unparalleled Reliability

By harnessing leading technologies from continuous offsite replication provider Zerto and VM backup provider Veeam, True North ensures you have access to your data when you need it. 

Our secure offsite data centers offer continuous protection in the form of physical surveillance and security, backup power redundancy with generator failsafe.

Improved Flexibility

Choosing a cloud-based backup provider gives your organization the flexibility it needs to scale upwards or downwards in line with your requirements. 

True North’s offsite servers are the perfect complement to your existing network, and you’ll never have to invest in additional hardware to ensure your data is safely backed up.

Data Redundancy

True North keeps fully load-balanced hot spare servers at the ready to handle all your data traffic.

And thanks to tools such as Zerto’s continuous offsite replication, server images with point in time snapshots are constantly being updated in the cloud for an extra level of protection.

Accessible From Anywhere

The very nature of backing up your data in the cloud means that it can be accessed from anywhere, providing incredible versatility.

Cost Savings

Trusting your backups to True North’s off-premise cloud servers can save your company money since the need for extra hardware is negated. 

As well, you’ll free up valuable IT resources that can be redeployed to other areas. Finally, the lack of additional hardware represents tangible energy cost savings.

Intelligent Optimization

Our load-balanced servers are fully optimized to handle large traffic loads, ensuring your data is ready to be accessed at a moment’s notice.

Fast Deployment

Through our cloud servers, data can be deployed quickly and efficiently, resulting in quick restorations that will minimize your network’s downtime.


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True North’s Cloud Backup Solutions Provide Peace Of Mind

Safely Store Your Data

Truly secure data backup protection is not an option, as businesses must remain vigilant at all times against the unexpected. Network downtime can represent significant losses in time and money, and it’s a risk that organizations would do well to protect against.

When you choose a cloud backup solution, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your data is safely stored on our off-site servers that conform to the highest standards of security and redundancy.

Storing your data remotely safeguards it from any physical dangers that may affect your facility, such as fire, inclement weather, or natural disasters.

Cloud Backup
Cloud and On Premise Backup Solutions

Ensure Full Compliance

True North provides full compliance with all industry standards and regulations, ensuring that your data is secure. We’re fully HIPAA and PCI compliant in order to maximize your data’s protection.

And with our demanding SLAs, you’ll always have the service standards you’d expect from an industry-leading partner.

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True North prides itself on offering cutting-edge cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions to businesses of all sizes

Whether you’re a small local operation or a global enterprise, we can tailor our services to fit your specific and demanding needs.

Our secure data centers offer you the cloud backup solution your business needs to stay safe and competitive, maximizing your network’s uptime while saving you money.

When you’re looking for cost-effective and state-of-the-art backup solutions to safeguard your business’ data, trust the industry leaders with extensive knowledge and experience.

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