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A confidential security check-up to determine if your patient data is compromised

Healthcare Data Security Check-Up

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How It Works

The True North ITG Data Security Check-up for healthcare organizations brings you peace of mind from knowing your data is protected. As a leader in healthcare IT security, True North brings you the benefit of our years of expertise working with cloud, hybrid, and on-premise infrastructure for a security assessment of your networks and devices.

Step 1

One of our healthcare IT security specialists will contact you for a final approval, and a brief introduction to discuss the process and outcomes.

Introductory Offer: $985 +tax

Step 2

One of our IT Security Technicians will conduct a remote scan to identify vulnerabilities you may have and give you full visibility into risks facing your network, devices, and data.

Our Healthcare IT Security Team will verify:

  • If your firewall is fully protecting your network properly
  • If your data is exposed to the Internet and hackers
  • If your patient facing network is patched to handle modern methods of attack on your data
  • If patient data has been compromised
  • If your email server is vulnerable to an attack

Step 3

Once complete, our healthcare IT specialists will present the findings to you with either an in-person or remote meeting at a time that works best for you. The meeting will include a summary of issues and security risks, as well as a set of recommendations to move forward with.

How to Get this Service FREE

The fees for the data security checkup will be credited back to you if you choose to implement a managed IT service with True North ITG.

Who It's For

The Network Security Audit is designed for qualified healthcare organizations of any size, who:

  • Work with electronic patient records (EMR)
  • Are unsure if your network is completely secure
  • Are concerned about their current data security risks
  • Require strict regulatory compliance
  • Are a target for breaches, and want a 2nd opinion about their network
  • Want to boost their security, network efficiency and primary care delivery

Why you need a

Network Security Check-Up?

Patient data is extremely valuable to cyber criminals, with 89% of all healthcare organizations having experienced ransomware attacks.

To make matters worse, 39% of them didn't realize their data had been stolen for months - or longer.

Your networks, databases, and devices are all vulnerable to being breached by sophisticated data thieves.

Don't put your organization at risk for ransom demands and non-compliance penalties. Let our certified Healthcare IT Security Team conduct a confidential check-up to determine if your patient data is safe and secure.

How to Get Started

True North security audits are a regular benefit for our healthcare clients, the process is easy. Just complete the form to the right, or call us directly at


Security Confidentiality Statement:

The entire audit is run by a senior healthcare IT technician at True North. All information collected is strictly confidential, and will remain secure and private for the client. We will not access your personal information, or the information of your patients.


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