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Human error, software & equipment failure, malware, fire, and natural disasters can strike any business at any time.
IT Disaster Recovery as a Service ensures your business will continue to operate.

A Sudden IT Outage Can Hurt Your Business. Are You Prepared?

Our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) will:

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Why Disaster Recovery Services Are Critical

It’s never pleasant to imagine the worst-case scenarios. However, prudent IT disaster recovery planning is a vital process that every company and organization should take to ensure continuity of computing operations in the event disaster strikes.

True North’s backup and disaster recovery solutions go a long way toward mitigating the risks to your business by ensuring that your data will always continue to flow, no matter what the circumstances.

Disaster Recovery Planning
IT Disaster Recovery Solutions

IT Disaster Recovery Planning is Essential For Every Business

Since a critical emergency can hit you at any time, your business continuity depends on having a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place to minimize the impact of an unforeseen calamity.

This set of procedures will:

  • Outline roles and responsibilities in the event of a disaster
  • Act as a roadmap to getting you back up to operational status as quickly as possible

In addition to True North’s IT disaster recovery services, we offer disaster recovery planning to help ensure that your business is ready to weather any disruption. 

Our team has the knowledge and experience to help you put a disaster recovery plan in place that will be ready to spring into action at the first sign of an emergency, giving your business added flexibility and agility.

DRaaS Protects Your Business From These Unexpected Situations:

Application Crashes

When your healthcare software cease to function properly, our servers are standing by to help you redeploy and protect your data from being lost

Active Directory Domain Crashes

Losing every server on your network due to a domain-wide active directory crash can be catastrophic unless you have True North’s offsite servers on standby waiting to take on your traffic

Post-Service Pack or Upgrade Issues

Problems arising from upgrades or service pack deployments can easily be safeguarded against

Corrupt Backup

Our point in time snapshots and fully-replicated spare server images means you’ll never have to worry about corrupt backups

Hardware Failure

In the event of a failure of any of your hardware components, our instant failover processes ensure that your network will continue to operate


Should your servers or any network hardware be stolen, our regular data backups mean that you won’t lose any of your data


A fire affecting your premises doesn’t have to mean the loss of data. Once your physical systems become compromised, our instant failover process will automatically continue network operations

Natural Disasters

Earthquakes and other natural disasters can be devastating to your operations and personnel; ensuring that your data is safe and recoverable means that you’ll be able to be up and running as soon as possible

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Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan

What Are True North’s Cloud-Based
IT Disaster Recovery Services?

Our backup and disaster recovery services protect data both onsite and offsite through server imaging in the cloud via our hybrid cloud and private cloud services, providing network and data redundancy at True North’s secure data centers.

We accomplish this in part by harnessing the power of industry-leading solutions for continuous replication from providers Zerto and Veeam. Both products are renowned throughout the computing world as legendary cloud virtualization backup and recovery tools, providing the most secure data storage and disaster recovery available.

Our unique position as a nationally recognized disaster recovery provider with access to highly trained information technology healthcare security consultants delivers recovery expertise in the event of a crisis.

Disaster Recovery Services


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True North’s IT Disaster Recovery Services Include:

Fully Replicated Offsite Warm Spare Server Images

Through our partnerships with Zerto and Veeam, True North offers constant self-replicating server images that constantly capture your data and environment at a remote location.

Never worry about losing important data again, as all your information is fully backed up safely and securely and ready to be accessed the moment it’s needed.

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A Disaster Recovery Company You Can Trust to Protect Your Business

Protecting your data in the event of a disaster makes good business sense. Our disaster recovery services leave you fully safeguarded in any situation, from hardware failure to fire to natural disasters.

We have continuous data protection tools in place to safeguard your operations against the unexpected. So whether your network operations are self-service or managed, True North’s cloud hosting service offers disaster recovery solutions tailor-made to your company’s needs.

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