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We host your healthcare IT on the fastest HIPAA compliant servers in the USA and support you with a dedicated team of veteran IT pros who specialize in healthcare IT projects and strategy.

Are Your Healthcare IT Systems Frustrating Your Physicians, Hurting Patient Outcomes, and Failing to Meet Expectations?

Why Healthcare Organizations in the USA work with True North healthcare IT company:

At True North, healthcare IT services are in our DNA. It’s been a part of who we are since our inception, and it’s one of the reasons why hundreds of hospitals and practices have come to trust and rely on us to ensure their healthcare delivery remains agile, efficient, and resilient.

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We believe your energies are better served to help patients rather than running an IT department. That’s why we offer a comprehensive set of managed healthcare IT services that will support your medical practice as you deliver outcomes across the care flow.

True North’s portfolio of IT services for healthcare companies allows you to operate more efficiently while controlling costs. See the integrity and security of your medical records while ensuring you always have access to your files in a timely manner with maximum network uptime.

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Healthcare IT Support Services

Healthcare technology is always changing, and our healthcare IT company has the experience and deep industry knowledge to help you navigate it.

Our managed healthcare IT company will:

  • Examine your existing IT systems
  • Make recommendations
  • Implement the right solutions for your unique needs

Improve your ability to deliver outstanding care while reducing downtime, streamlining operations, and improving efficiency.

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Healthcare IT Consulting

Healthcare IT Support

From basic remote helpdesk and monitoring services to full-service white-glove vCIO IT maturity road mapping and periodic onsite visits for proactive upgrades and optimizations, True North provides the industry’s best healthcare IT support services.

Healthcare IT Consulting Firm

Why You Should Outsource Your Healthcare Managed IT Support to One of the Best Healtcare IT Companies

Your patients depend on 100% uptime. With cloud computing, e-Health, and EHR increasingly prevalent, an IT outage could cripple your physician’s ability to deliver services. Ensuring your staff has access to information when they need it means having an overcapacity of internal IT resources on call at all times.

On average, our Healthcare IT Support experts reduce IT incidents and issues by 60% after just 4 months, and we are fully compliant with HIPAA, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, PCI DSS Certified, and CMMi Level 3 Accredited.

We Offer Three Tiers of a Managed Healthcare IT Service

To help meet the needs and budgetary constraints of your hospital or clinic:

Tier 1 - trueGuidance: Cost Effective & Reliable Healthcare
IT Support

trueGuidance is our entry-level Managed IT for healthcare and medical facilities.

You’ll receive:

  • 24/7 remote medical IT support
  • Ongoing network monitoring and optimization
  • Automated escalation and response of IT issues to our internal engineers
  • Access to our healthcare IT consultants for professional services

If your internal IT teams need support and augmentation to help maximize the capacity of your IT staffing resources, trueGuidance is the best choice.

Healthcare IT Services
Healthcare IT Support Services

Tier 2 - trueNavigate:
Medical IT Company

Our trueNavigate package was custom built to meet the needs of clients who have some existing IT staff but need a partner to help manage and improve their tools and service levels.

trueNavigate lets you take advantage of our expertise to improve your Healthcare IT with long-term road mapping and proactive onsite visits to co-create value and augment your systems over time.

trueNavigate Expands on the Services of Tier 1,
And Includes:

Tier 3 - trueCommand: Fully-Managed IT Service

The trueCommand package was custom built for our healthcare clients who do not have in-house IT and need a fully managed service offering.

TrueCommand builds off the healthcare IT services offered in Tier 2 and includes a full-time team of True North healthcare IT support technicians on staff to:

  • Deliver total IT planning
  • Implementation
  • Augmentation
  • Maintenance

With trueCommand, True North Healthcare IT Company takes the wheel, while not relinquishing your command of IT resources. We map your Healthcare IT maturity path, maintain and augment your systems, and implement upgrades with comprehensive reporting along the way. 

Healthcare IT Support
Healthcare Software

How Our IT Support for Healthcare Helps Your Practice

In today’s healthcare environment, your patients expect to have more access to your physicians than ever before. Patients increasingly want online tools to be able to check information, book appointments, and look at test results. Fulfilling these needs requires complex technological solutions that must undergo regular maintenance.

Our healthcare IT support services are the perfect way to ensure your platforms are all running smoothly, all the time. Control costs, increase security and enjoy a continually updated and optimized computing environment for maximum efficiency.

We’ll take away the burden of managing your systems so that you can focus your attention on delivering health care.


Cloud Hosting for Healthcare Software Solutions

Run Your Hosted Applications On A Cloud That Is Tailor Made For Healthcare Software

With True North’s tier-5 platinum private cloud hosting infrastructure.

You’ll benefit from our years of experience in healthcare IT network operations in addition to our enterprise-level partnership with top disaster recovery and EMR providers.

Through our hybrid cloud hosting environment, you’ll gain easy access to your practice’s critical applications from any location, on any hardware platform.

A virtual desktop network gives you the flexibility you need with increased collaboration, ease of access to your data, and improved scalability should your computational requirements change.

it Services for Healthcare
Managed Healthcare IT Service

Cloud Networks Architected for Healthcare Software

True North’s fully-optimized network is ready to handle all the challenges of your practice’s data requirements, giving you the agility you need to stay ahead of the curve.

Our load-balanced and fully monitored cloud servers are available 24/7 to handle all your data traffic efficiently and with fast response times.

We conduct proactive maintenance and provide transparent network reporting ensuring that your access is maximized.

Data Security and IT Disaster Recovery Services for Healthcare

Unparalleled Level of Security with True North

Protecting your healthcare data is a sacred trust. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data is secure and safely store.

We offer comprehensive backup and recovery solutions on our cloud servers, ensuring that you’ll never lose vital data in the event of a hardware failure.

And your data’s physical security at our secure data centers will never be in question, thanks to processes in place, such as video surveillance, key card and biometric access, and locked server cabinets to prevent unauthorized access.

Managed Healthcare IT Services
Healthcare IT Company

Regulatory Compliance

Full Range of Healthcare Requirements

Encompassed with True North’s medical IT solutions.

From healthcare IT services through to secure, optimized implementation, we have the experience to help your practice thrive.


Managed services in healthcare are a suite of ongoing and proactive information technology services geared towards healthcare providers. Healthcare managed IT companies (also known as MSPs) monitor, manage, and support all healthcare systems, such as:

  • Electronic Health Records and Electronic Medical Records
  • Medical device software
  • Finance and billing
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Administrative systems
  • Cloud services
  • Patient care services
  • Servers

Managed healthcare IT services can also help you migrate EMR systems, maintain HIPAA compliance, and introduce automation in your practice.

In a nutshell, healthcare IT companies manage part or all of your organization’s IT infrastructure. A healthcare IT company can:

  • Eliminate the burden of day-to-day IT management
  • Help right-size your IT payroll
  • Provide EHR/EMR support 
  • Offer 24/7 healthcare IT support services
  • Onboard new technologies (such as cloud services and automation)
  • Provide cyber security services
  • Provide training for physicians, nurses, and staff

Managed healthcare IT services are very flexible, allowing you to get the services you need, without paying for ones you don’t.

Like most other industries, IT has become integral in healthcare delivery and administration. Some of the most prolific IT systems in healthcare are:

In addition to these, a healthcare organization may rely on finance and billing software, cloud-based systems for communication, data centers, and healthcare IT support services.

Some of the top healthcare technology solutions suppliers in the U.S. are Cerner, Athenahealth, ScienceSoft, and GE Healthcare.

There are many other healthcare technology companies in the market and you need to choose wisely. Opting for a popular mainstream solution can burden you with features (and licensing fees) that don’t add value to your practice.

Speak to a healthcare IT company to learn about streamlined options that meet your practice’s needs.

The software a healthcare provider uses depends on its size, specialization, and the type of care it provides. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all software solution that can meet all the demands of every organization.

Some software you’ll find at most healthcare organizations are:

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The IT Solutions Leading Healthcare Providers Trust

Healthcare technology is always changing, and it’s critical that you partner with a trusted healthcare IT company to stay ahead of the curve. 

True North healthcare IT company delivers industry-leading healthcare IT services to empower your facility to deliver outstanding service while reducing downtime and cost inefficiencies.

When you work with our healthcare IT support services, you’ll remove the tedium of IT issues and be able to focus on delivering outstanding patient care.

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