Hybrid Cloud Provider

Meet your perfect fit: An on-premise, fully managed hybrid cloud solution.

The Power of Working With a Hybrid Cloud Provider

Explore and securely store data with a technology that is equal parts flexible, scalable, and secure.

Why choose True North as your hybrid cloud provider?

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A Hybrid Cloud Solutions Provider You Can Bank On


The Benefits of SecureMD Edge With the Industry’s Premier Hybrid Cloud Service Provider

Predictable, Cost-Effective Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Deploy your hybrid cloud with no extra fees or hidden costs for comprehensive support.

Keep Your Protections

Updated systems guard against threats to on-premise data centers and technologies. How? With remote environment setup and management.

Guarantee Regulation-Compliant Storage

Keep patient data safe with HIPAA-compliant tools and storage—all implemented by IT specialists dedicated to the healthcare sphere.

Work Seamlessly,
From Anywhere

Guarantee that all workloads, applications, and services meet on-premise requirements—letting your team work seamlessly across platforms and space.

Protect Your Infrastructure and Data 24/7

Keep Data 100%

Keep data 100% accessible with cloud-powered failover and redundancy abilities so you never lose track of important information.

Work With Budget- and Labor-Friendly Cloud

New efficiencies reduce labor, software, and maintenance spending, keeping your IT team’s focus where it needs to be.

Keep Peace of Mind With Round-the-Clock Monitoring

Keep your peace of mind with constant monitoring and security support—we’ll never leave your practice’s data vulnerable.

Keep Business Sustainable On Multiple Fronts

Keep business sustainable—from patient care to data storage—with diminished costs and increased efficiency.

Why Choose True North as Your Hybrid Cloud Solution Provider?

The True North Hybrid Cloud Experience

Never compromise localized control for top-tier security. Get the best of both worlds with our hybrid cloud architecture. 

Maintain complete server access and control onsite while enjoying the same security and cloud management support of the public clouds and private clouds.

With quick, easy deployment and reliable, consistent support, we can help you optimize IT systems, safeguard data, and prevent threats so your workforce can focus on serving patients.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions Provider

Trusted Hybrid Cloud Provider for the Healthcare Sector


more savings than other on-premise solutions


security monitoring included


reduction in ongoing management costs

Hybrid Cloud Service Provider

What’s Included in SecureMD Edge

Step into a hybrid cloud solution that can make your organization better, faster, and more cost-effective. 

Our on-premise, fully managed hybrid cloud features:

Equip your organization with a powerful remote hybrid environment set up and safeguarded by focused solution management.

How SecureMD Edge Works

Expect quality and reliability with SecureMD Edge. With this on-premise, fully managed hybrid cloud, you get the cost benefits of a localized device with the security of a fully managed solution. 

You’ll be a hybrid Cloud provider in no time with: 

  • Ongoing support for on-premise servers
  • Failover and redundancy services
  • Stronger control over on-premise workloads, applications, and services
  • And more
Hybrid Cloud Management Provider

Trust True North to Point You in the Right Direction

We see improved technology operations and reduced IT expenses in your future.
Hybrid Cloud Company

How You Can Save With True North as Your Hybrid Cloud Management Provider

Think of SecureMD Edge as an operational expense, rather than a capital expense. 

Reduce labor costs as you manage your IT. It will also lower costly software and hardware expenses.

Your peers are saving 40-50% on IT management by choosing our hybrid server solutions over VMware or other on-premise options. 

Watch your budget expand when you rely on our fully managed hybrid cloud solution.

Unlock Value With Healthcare’s Trusted Hybrid Cloud Provider


Maintain onsite control without limiting virtual advancements.


Leverage cloud technologies, and skip the costs and bandwidth issues.


Consider your data backed up, servers patched, and systems secure.


Watch your budget and bandwidth grow with a fully managed solution.

Work With a Trusted Hybrid Cloud Company

Choose True North for hybrid cloud provider services to:

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