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seattle-cloud-hosting-drThe State of Washington is home to 200,000 Information and Communications Technology workers, making it a rich source of highly sought-after talent. True North is proud harness this well of expertise to provide expert IT solutions and support as well as critical disaster recovery and healthcare IT services.

Washington IT Solutions and Support, Disaster Recovery and Healthcare IT

True North offers a diverse portfolio of IT services and solutions designed to help move your business forward. We help organizations reach IT maturity through our agility, experience, and commitment to a consistent client experience.

Many companies are faced with an aging infrastructure that cannot keep up with the demands of their operational needs. We solve that problem for you by consulting with you on your needs, conducting business reviews, and helping you implement the tools you need to support your company’s growth.

Washington IT Solutions

True North offers a broad range of IT solutions that take the guesswork out of the equation when it comes to reaching your computing goals. These include:

A full suite of infrastructure solutions including consulting with you to develop a roadmap toward IT maturity, as well as managed services that take command of your computing environment and freeing you up to concentrate on your business.

Washington IT Support

Our Information Technology Consultants (ITC) are dedicated to ensuring that your computing environment runs smoothly and efficiently. They are more than just support specialists; they add value to your business by helping to identify your organizational goals and ensuring your computing needs are in alignment with them.

Disaster Recovery

True North offers disaster recovery services for Washington-based businesses that ensure the continuity of your business in the event of a major event.

From warm spare server image capture to redundant offsite servers,  our disaster recovery services are ready to leap into action, preserving your critical data and helping to get your systems back to operational status as quickly as possible.

Healthcare IT

Our Washington Healthcare IT consists of top level cloud-based IT solutions designed to provide health providers with robust and feature-rich computing support.

We offer electronic medical record/electronic health record (EMR and EHR) hosting, allowing you to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from our HIPAA-compliant services and allowing you to concentrate on delivering exceptional healthcare services.

Secure technology, business agility and experienced IT solutions are part of the exceptional services True North offers. Our dedicated customer experience allows us to deliver best in class computing solutions to help businesses reach their potential.

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