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MACRA Readiness Assessment
for Clinics & Practices

Most practices are completely unprepared for MACRA & MIPS. We’ll help you avoid MACRA penalties this year, and maximize your reimbursements.

  • Maximize your reimbursements this year with recommendations you can implement before the cutoff.

  • Find creative ways to increase MIPS points by using the tactics we deploy at other clinics in your practice area.

  • Exceed MACRA performance every year with long term recommendations that address planned future measurables.

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Don’t leave your readiness for MACRA up to chance this year

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We’ve helped hundreds of healthcare organizations exceed MIPS measures, and qualify for Alternative Payment Model (APM) reimbursements.


Still unsure about MACRA & MIPS? Here’s some of the most common questions that practices ask about our MACRA & MIPS Assessment Services.

  • What Exactly is MACRA & MIPS?

    We hear this question all the time from practices across the US.

    To make a long story short - MACRA (Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act) streamlined the medicare reimbursement process and prioritized a “pay for performance” system. It also repealed the older sustainable growth rate (SGR) formula.

    MIPS is one of two payment tracks, the other being APM, which affect 96% and 4% of eligible clinicians, respectively.

    Your practice is audited based on MIPS and APM measurables, and you receive a bonus payment or a penalty adjustment of up to +/-7% of your annual reimbursement.

  • What are the measures for the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)

    Broadly speaking, the MIPS measures span four areas with weighted scales for bonus payments. They cover Medicare Part B eligible clinicians - or, 96% of healthcare providers.

    The 4 review areas & weighting,

    • Quality of Care - 50%
    • Patient Access & Engagement - 15%
    • Practice Efficiency & Cost of Care - 10%
    • Meaningful Use of Healthcare Technology - 25%
    • Reimbursements span +/- 7% based on a 30 point score,
    Target Points AchievedTarget Bonus Reimbursement
    Above 30Bonus paid out
    Exactly 30No bonus or penalty
    7.51 and 29Minor penalty adjustment
    Under 7.5High penalty adjustment
  • What Happens After The Audit?

    You get a detailed report that shows you exactly how many points your healthcare organization and eligible clinicians will receive.

    This report will detail the probable reimbursements (or penalties) you can expect, while highlighting specific areas you can improve right now, and for the future.

    You’ll see all the things you can do right now - across your people, processes, and technology - to get the best reimbursements this year, and what you should do in the future to prepare for MIPS down the road.

  • Why is the Audit Free?

    We work with hundreds of clinics and practices across the US - deploying technology that improves patient outcomes, reduces operating costs, and maximizes reimbursements.

    During trade events and road trips we’ve heard the phrase “I don’t even know anything about the act” and seen penalties more times than we can count.

    After conducting hundreds of assessments for our own clients, our team has the skills and technology to review and make recommendations quickly and accurately.

    The cost to us is low, the benefit to you is high, and we get a chance to contribute a much-needed helping hand to Americans while building a relationship with you and your team.

    It’s a win-win, and we’re happy to do it.

Our MACRA MIPS Assessment Services

Most practices are completely unprepared for MIPS (Merit-based Incentive Payment System) and at risk of getting a financial penalty. We’ll assess your practice across the MIPS measurables, and show you how to get the maximum bonus payments.

Patient Quality of Care

ReviewAssess your patient outcomes and assign points based on MIPS criteria.

Clinical Practice Operations Analysis

Audit the level of patient access and individual engagement across your practice.

Practice Care Efficiency & Costs Assessment

Review your care delivery costs against MIPS baseline expectations.

Identify Meaningful Use & Interop of your EHR

Determine if your EHR and reporting is MIPS-ready and aligned to current needs.

Evaluate Eligible Clinicians (ECs) in Your Practice

Review each of your ECs and map opportunities for bonus incentives across your team.

Create a Report with Recommendations

Get a detailed report card with specific action-items to maximize long term MIPS reimbursements.

Book Your Free MACRA Readiness Assessment

and make this year the last year you ever worry about your reimbursements.

  • Get a 7% bonus adjustment this year

  • Unlock a path to APM

  • Reduce your clinic’s operating costs

  • Implement best practices used by clinics like yours

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