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Managed Services with TrueCOMMAND™

Are you caught playing whack-a-mole with your IT issues?

Do you put up with it because you’re afraid addressing the root cause would lead to massive capital expenditure? Think again.

What if you could switch from CapEx to OpEx and still solve the problems?

Our fully managed IT services allow you to get in front of even the hairiest IT problems with options for a CapEx vs. OpEx approach.

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Measurably Impact Your Business Performance

Our comprehensive IT management service is designed to go beyond traditional IT support with vCIO services that have a true impact on your business.

We believe world-class service providers do far more than fixing your tech when it breaks.

Along with infrastructure and support services, trueCOMMAND™ provides that additional strategic consulting at the business layer.

Our clients experience:

  • Fewer issues
  • Reduced risk
  • Increased productivity
  • Lower true cost of ownership for their IT investments
TrueCommand™ - Move Your Organization Toward IT Maturity

TrueCommand™ is our fully managed IT service for small to midsize businesses.

TrueCommand™ provides:

  • Ongoing IT support
  • Monitoring and helpdesk support
  • Standardized, proactive process

Our fully managed service means predictable outcomes and strategic IT consulting at a predictable cost.


Invest In The Right Technology

Most companies suffer from a lack of transparency in their IT stack, and many more lack the expertise to put their IT to use as a business driver.

  • Do you have the in-house capacity to drive down your IT noise?
  • Do you know where your inefficiencies are?
  • More importantly, do you know where your existing vulnerabilities are, what your current risk level is?
  • Do you have concerns about security, performance, and productivity, but not the resources to address the issues?
  • Are you investing in the right technology to achieve your business goals?

TrueCommand™ addresses these issues through proactive processes and procedures.

How It Works

The Benefits Of True North’s TrueCommand™

Business goals and I.T. spend alignment
Simple per seat monthly pricing
24/7/365 Support
Access to I.T. consulting, networking, security, and cloud hosting experts.
Services geared for the big three: avoiding costs, increasing revenue, and improving service.



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