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Already have an onsite network on a VMware® platform but need management? Take advantage of our VMware® managed services. Designed to provide maximum coverage for cloud environments onsite. Experience the benefit of best-in-class support from Enterprise Level VMware® partners with the most up-to-date certifications in place to manage the comprehensive needs of your virtual infrastructure.

We provide peace of mind with the best IT managed services in the cloud, optimizing the benefits of agility, efficiency, and resilience with the excellence of service you’ve come to expect from True North.

Benefits Include


  • vCenter v.5.x
  • Remote access


  • Host Patching (Check VM sizing (VCOPS)
  • Scanning and Installation
  • Software
  • Drivers

    *Firmware not included
    *Does not include version and major release upgrades. Only Patches.

  • Check proper configuration (Adjustments included)
  • Virtual Switching & Distributed Switching
  • HA
  • DRS
  • SDRS
  • Host Profiles
    • Report on VM sizing (VCOPS)
    • Report on resource availability to ensure failover capacity
    • Report on CPU consolidation ratios (not to exceed 3:1 as a reccomendation)
    • Report on data store capacity
    • Alarm Configuration (Adjustments included)
    • Review Triggered Alarms and Events
    • Check for existing and orphaned snapshots (Adjustments Included)
    • Report on VMware Tools Installation statuses for VMs
    • Check backups if they are using a VMware snapshot based solution

Issues outside the scope of maintenance not covered. (consulting rates would apply)

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