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True Failover™ Gets You Back Up And Running At A Moment’s Notice

Experience the very best in cutting-edge and innovative security solutions, backed by industry leaders in disaster protection and continuous offsite replication provider Zerto, as well as VM backup providers Veeam.

What you can expect with True Failover™:

  • Protect your data both on and offsite through server imaging in the cloud, providing network and data redundancy at True North’s secure data centers.
  • Minimize downtime and provides recovery in a matter of seconds, enabling you to meet your uptime requirements.
  • Experience peace of mind of the most secure data storage and disaster recovery available.

Our unique position as a nationally recognized managed services provider with access to highly trained Information Technology Security Consultants delivers on-site recovery expertise in the event of a crisis.

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The Benefits of True Failover™ BDR

Fully Replicated
Offsite Warm Spare Server Images

Offsite Hot Spare Servers for Redundancy

Warm Spare Servers for Pre-Application Migration

Point in Time Snapshots of Offsite or Onsite Servers

Load Balanced Server solutions Offsite



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True Failover™ Managed Services Protects You From:

Application Crashes

Active Directory Domain Crashes

Post Service Pack or Upgrade Issues

Server Crash

Corrupt Backup

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Why True North Data Centers?

  • Physical Security – Biometrics, Keycard, Video Surveillance, On Duty Guard, Combination Cabinet

Enclosures for All Servers.

  • Power Redundancy – 3 Redundant Battery Arrays providing over 48 hours of Continuous Battery backup.

Independent Generator providing unlimited battery recharge as long as Diesel fuel is available.

  • Bandwidth Capacity – 100MB a sec available to True Failover™ customers.

Our approach to server imaging is cost-effective and a vital utility in the tool belt of any organization.

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