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Surprise Arizona is in a prime position to take advantage of its strong industrial background as well as those of the surrounding areas. With True North, Surprise can benefit from our selection of IT solutions, cloud hosting and disaster recovery software.

In order to take advantage of today’s ever-changing online world, Surprise and its businesses need innovative and modern IT solutions that will grow their industries.

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We offer the IT solutions that will help your business grow. These services include:

Cloud Hosting

Keeping your data safe and accessible is paramount to running an efficient business in today’s technological world. With our cloud hosting services that run the gamut of both hybrid and private solutions, you can rest assured that your data is secure and flexible enough to conform to your needs.

Disaster Recovery

With our disaster recovery suite, your business will have the contingencies it needs to know that it won’t be derailed by unforeseen technical failures.

IT Solutions

Comprehensive IT solutions have never been more crucial to a business’s ability to run efficiently than it is today. Keep your IT up to date with our services like staff augmentation and consultations to help increase your IT maturity.


True North Is Also Leading Healthcare IT Services For The Medical Industry

From managing electronic medical records to providing consulting services, our healthcare IT services include:

EMR Hosting and Consulting Services

Which includes consultation on best practices and working towards HIPAA compliance

Healthcare IT Security

Where we ensure that your patients’ data is not only easily accessible but secured.

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With True North ITG’s services, cloud hosting, disaster recovery services and healthcare IT, among many other services.

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