Strategic IT Planning

Every business needs goals, and it’s incumbent upon an organization to understand who they are, why they are, and what they are striving toward. As information technology has the potential to have an enormous impact on a business’ direction, undertaking thorough strategic IT planning is a crucial step for a company to take.

True North is a leading provider of transformative IT services and solutions designed to help your business reach its goals. Our IT planning and strategy consulting services are ready to help your company reach those objectives through the power of a robust technology infrastructure.

Strategic IT Planning Services

Our goal is to help your company convert their IT investment into a business driver, which we accomplish by guiding you through our IT Maturity Model. This model ensures that best practices and proper tools are in place in order for your business to benefit from technology that works for you.

Working in conjunction with our virtual Chief Intelligence Officer (vCIO), we’ll work with you to develop a roadmap toward reaching your business goals. We’ll accomplish this by:

  • Conducting a thorough assessment of your particular computing environment
  • Conducting an assessment of your business goals, including true cost of ownership, market position, challenges to growth, and so on
  • Identifying your technology risk
  • Translating your technology risk into business risk
  • Identifying how to turn your technology into an asset to support your goals rather than a budgetary drain

The Importance of Information Technology Strategic Planning

Having a roadmap toward IT Maturity in place is an essential step in understanding how your technology impacts your overall business plans.

Many businesses today view their IT departments as a necessary evil, a core component of the enterprise that is simply part of the budgetary overhead. Conducting an assessment of the technology infrastructure can be very revealing, however.

If a technology system has been integrated on an ad hoc basis, it might not necessarily be scalable enough to meet growing demands. Similarly, putting the hardware and software in place piecemeal can lead to situations where the system as a whole is not operating as efficiently as it should.

It’s for that reason that strategic IT planning becomes essential. With your IT road map in hand we schedule proactive onsites to keep your organization in alignment with our rigorous IT standards. Proactively planning out your infrastructure to take growth and service issues into account will pay enormous dividends down the road as you’ll have a system in place that operates in an optimized fashion.

A fully-optimized technology infrastructure should be a major part of any business strategy. Not only will you have peak ability for your technology to serve your needs, you’ll also save costs and resources in the long run.

True North’s IT Maturity model helps businesses transform their technology into powerful tools to aid them in achieving growth, sustainability, and profitability. Our strategic IT planning consultants are ready to help your organization navigate the waters and guide you toward IT Maturity.

Contact us to learn how our it project management and other transformative IT products and solutions can be put to work for you.

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