IT Staff Augmentation

When your business needs additional resources to bolster your technology operations, taking advantage of IT staff augmentation services can be a viable option.

This model offers an enormous amount of flexibility as it’s an efficient way of adding specialized staff members to your team on either a temporary or long-term basis for specific projects.Staff augmentation services

True North is a leader in providing transformative IT services and solutions to companies in order to help them reach their business goals. Our IT staff augmentation services can give you the expert help you need, when you need it, to add value to your team.

IT Staff Augmentation Services

If you have a large project just over the horizon or are in the middle of completing one, recruiting, hiring and building a team to manage it can be a challenge. Staff augmentation services give you that expertise without having to go through a timely and expensive hiring process.

Some of the key benefits of IT staff augmentation services include:

Time flexibility. Choosing a staff augmentation model gives you the flexibility of acquiring team members for only the amount of time you need them. We can provide staffing for the time frame the suits your requirements, whether for a few hours or months at a time.

Scalability. Our staff augmentation services bring scalability to your IT operations by allowing you to add as many team members as your needs dictate. Whether you need one particular gap filled or multiple individuals for a project, True North has the staffing resources to help you get the job done.

Expertise. Experiencing a skills gap? Our staff augmentation services provide industry certified experts to work on your project, in any area of expertise. Enjoy the benefit of being able to select a highly-skilled individual to join your team who will fit in precisely where you need them.

Cost savings. Save on costs associated with recruiting and hiring team members. Pay only for the staffing time you use, thereby maximizing your ROI by minimizing your staff expenditures such as salary, benefits, and so on.

Efficient use of resources. By selecting highly-skilled team members through our staffing augmentation services, you’ll reduce the amount of time needed for staff administration – freeing up important resources that can be deployed elsewhere within your organization.


Staff Augmentation vs Managed Services

IT staff augmentation is designed to supplement your team with skilled and expert personnel on a per-project basis. It differs from managed services, in which companies outsource the management of key areas of their IT operations to a service provider.

With the staff augmentation model, a company would assume operational responsibility for monitoring and directing the added team member(s). It provides the client with a direct level of control over their skills utilization. However, it does require an expenditure of management time and effort.

Managed services take a different approach. By taking over management of the area in question, it reduces the burden of the client in the sense that direct oversight and direction is no longer required. This gives the outsourcer the ability to redirect their management resources to other areas of focus.

Some of the benefits of IT managed services include:

Expert management. By outsourcing your IT operations to a third party, you can increase both efficiency and speed of service delivery thanks to the expert skillset of the service provider.

Reduced oversight. Managed services bring the benefit of assuming operational control over the area of focus, resulting in less direct oversight from the client. Managed service providers typically provide in-depth reporting on operational status, reducing the amount of time the client needs to spend analyzing the ROI.

Full scalability. Going the managed services route delivers full scalability to your operations, as your entire technology infrastructure can be fully managed if you choose. This mitigates the cost associated with investing in additional resources as operations grow.

Both IT staff augmentation and managed services have their advantages, and which one you choose will depend on your operational needs.

True North offers strategic it planning and a range of managed IT services that can bring directed expertise to your company’s technology infrastructure management.

With products such as trueVNMANAGEMENT, trueNAVIGATE, and trueCOMMAND at your disposal, we have the solutions your business can depend on for complete and confident IT management.

Whether you choose IT staff augmentation services or industry leading IT managed services, True North has the solution to fit your needs. Contact us to learn how you can leverage our expertise to help your business reach its goals.

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