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True North delivers value by helping companies reach their business goals through their technology.

Reach Your Business Goals

Our core values of providing Agility, Efficiency and Resilience drive everything we do, and it’s reflected in our portfolio of enterprise and healthcare IT solutions.

From planning through to implementation and support, our industry-leading team of IT experts will tailor services to your specific requirements, delivering the solutions you need to help your business grow.

Whether it’s consulting with you on the steps ahead or implementing full IT management, True North is there for you no matter what size your business is or the state of your current infrastructure.

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Our Suite of IT Solutions Includes:

Strategic Planning

True North helps companies achieve their business goals through our IT Maturity Model, providing a roadmap to help clients implement an optimal IT plan.

Through our strategic planning and healthcare consulting services, we help companies navigate their way through the technological landscape. We’ll examine your desired outcomes and match them with the appropriate networking and application structures to get you there.

IT Disaster Recovery Services

Project Management

We can manage all aspects of your IT project, from the initiation and planning stages through to the implementation, monitoring, and closing stages.

Whether your project is large or small, simple or complex, we have the IT experience and business knowledge to ensure it runs smoothly and cost-effectively.


As part of our IT Maturity Model, True North will conduct a thorough assessment of your computing environment. It’s an essential component of creating a roadmap toward your company’s goals.

This assessment includes examining the risks of your current configuration and identifying how they correlate into risks to your business. We can frequently spot potential problems that others miss and help you avoid possible pitfalls.

Having undertaken a thorough audit of your IT infrastructure, we can provide solutions that will ultimately support and complement your company’s mission.

Telemedicine and Telehealth Consulting

Support + Dedicated Service Desk

True North maintains the highest level of commitment to supporting our clients at all times. Our expertly-trained staff excels in delivering round the clock support with the highest levels of service in the industry.

And with our dedicated service desk, you’ll have access to an intuitive and easy to use ticket system that will resolve your IT issues quickly and efficiently.

Business Consulting in IT

True North is an industry leader when it comes to IT business consulting, thanks to our dedicated Information Technology Consultants (ITC).

This highly-trained personnel do more than simply offer support; they bring technology consulting to a whole new level by working with you to achieve your company’s goals. Operating in tandem with an account manager, an ITC will work with you to develop a roadmap toward your desired outcomes.

Our ITCs have wide-ranging experience in both technological and business matters, making them ideally suited to be your main point of contact for all of your IT needs. They’ll deftly guide you through any issues and help you navigate your way to your business objectives.



True North can help you develop an effective IT outsourcing strategy allowing you to dedicate your resources where they belong – growing your business.

Hosted Services

Cloud computing is on the rise, with many businesses already having adopted this model. It brings a variety of benefits including:

  • Cost savings
  • Flexibility
  • Security
  • Scalability

Our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering helps companies achieve savings and increase performance by taking away the burden of running a physical IT architecture.
They’ll deftly guide you through any issues and help you navigate your way to your business objectives.

NextGen EMR Hosting & Consulting
Save In Labor And Maintenance Costs

With IaaS, you’ll save on capital hardware acquisition costs since we’ll handle all the network server requirements for you. And the fact that the size of your IT department can be drastically reduced represents savings in labor and maintenance costs.

Gain An Exceptional Level of Scalability

Cloud hosting gives you an exceptional level of scalability. There’s no need to invest in costly hardware to add capacity to your networks during times of peak traffic or for growth in computing demands; with IaaS, you’ll only ever pay for the servers you actually use.

Increase Flexibility And Agility

Our cloud hosting services are backed by the power of VMware, an industry leader in virtualization technology. As an enterprise-level VMware partner, True North is ideally positioned to deliver VM solutions that will give your business increased flexibility and agility.

Leave The Worrying To Us

Since all operations are handled off-site, you’ll never have to worry about the headaches associated with running and maintaining your own physical network.

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True North’s IT Solutions

At True North, our goal is to ensure that your company reaches yours.

Our suite of IT solutions is tailored to your organization’s needs to give you the flexibility and maneuverability to stay ahead of the curve.

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