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Properly backing up your data is an essential step toward protecting your organization’s network integrity. With the risk of a catastrophic loss of data all too real, finding a technology partner with the right tools, expertise and commitment to data protection is key.Server Imaging Solutions

True North offers industry leading server imaging software solutions designed to keep up to the minute backups of your data at the ready. From our enterprise-level partnership with VMware virtualization software to our redundant spare servers, we have the solutions in place to protect your valuable data.

How Server Imaging Software Can Benefit You

Server imaging as a backup solution offers the flexibility to restore your system from virtually any point in time. For that reason, it’s an invaluable piece of the disaster recovery puzzle that True North takes very seriously.

Imaged-based backups are the most reliable and secure method of protecting your data. They bring with them a host of benefits over file-based methods, including:

  • Reduced restore time
  • The ability to select point in time restore points
  • Vastly reduced risk of losing data
  • Easy restoration of an entire server
  • The ability to store backups in the cloud without taking up space on local network drives

True North’s Server Imaging Backup Software Solutions

As part of our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) model, we offer access to state of the art enterprise imaging software designed to protect you in the event of a network disruption. These backup solutions include:

In addition to these cutting-edge tools, True North’s cloud-based servers are always at the ready to securely capture your backup image data. The benefits of our DRaaS services include:

Server Imaging Backup

  • Fully redundant, load balanced hot spare servers
  • Fully replicated warm spare server images
  • Point in time image snapshots
  • Protection from application crashes, server crashes, hardware failure, corrupt backups as well as damage to equipment caused by fire or natural disasters

True North’s highly trained IT security consultants are available to deliver the highest level of recovery services in event of a network interruption. With a suite of tools and hardware at your disposal, you’ll never have to worry about a catastrophic loss of data.

By harnessing industry leading software such as Zerto and Veeam, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data is safely replicated and backed up onto secure servers poised at the ready to provide failover protection at a moment’s notice.

Our Server Imaging Software Solutions

Our server imaging software solutions can ensure maximum availability and uptime for your network, guaranteeing you access to your data when you need it the most. Contact us to see how we can help protect your crucial data.

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