Do You Need A Fully PCI Compliant Managed IT Services Company?

In order to minimize chance of breach, you need to partner with an organization that is wholly PCI compliant. True North leverages top-of-the-line security, cloud computing, data backup, and recovery solutions to ensure that we meet each of PCI’s IT-related requirements.

True North is fully PCI compliant through:

  • Comprehensive security systems, including powerful physical security solutions
  • Innovative data backup and recovery solutions
  • Our team of veteran experts with years PCI compliance expertise


Your IT provider needs to be PCI compliant to ensure the security of your valuable data. True North uses advanced data security solutions to ensure that we’re fully compliant. Our data security tools fall into three main categories: VMware cloud computing, data backup and recovery, and secure data center storage.

VMware Cloud Computing

As an enterprise-level partner of VMware virtual computing infrastructure, True North is able to deploy a powerful computing system with the highest levels of security.

Data Backup and Recovery

Our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offering provides backup and recovery solutions with immediate failover capability to ensure that your network won’t miss a beat in the case of an interruption.

Secure Data Center Storage

At True North, we use two data centers, both of which are fully compliant with PCI. Each of our data centers feature robust physical security, environmental security, and incident management solutions.

Access & Security

In order to bolster security, access to these facilities is strictly controlled through liberal use of:

  • Biometric scanners
  • Keycard access
  • Visual surveillance tools
  • Military trained armed security personnel

We use only the highest levels of digital and physical security at our facilities to provide the best possible environment for our clients.

Redundant Infrastructure

Each building uses fully redundant infrastructure to protect you and your data against downtime. This means that if, for instance, a component were to fail, you’d be covered by the already running backup system. As a result, short of a catastrophic issue, you’ll suffer no downtime.

Backup and Recovery Solutions

In addition to our security solutions by using our innovative backup and data recovery tools, we ensure complete compliance with PCI’s requirements.

Regular Audits

To streamline the PCI compliance process, both of our facilities undergo periodic audits and risk assessments. We take your data’s security extremely seriously. As a result, we only use the highest levels of security in our facilities. Rest assured, your data is safe with us.

True North combines years of expertise in PCI compliance with the best security, data backup, and data recovery solutions available on the market. With our industry leading solutions, we’re able to protect your information as much as possible. Contact us today to get started and make your PCI compliance easy.

Our company has benefited greatly from True North’s IT expertise and world-class support. Since making the switch to True North we have achieved improved network stability and increased our security. Their knowledge in IT business strategy and project implementation is vastly superior to our previous IT provider.
Mark Anderson, Manager, Building Changes
Technology is never trouble free, but with their expertise in cloud services, high level tech support, and custom applications, True North has delivered time and again. They’ve been a great investment for us.
Kristie Howard, Overlake Internal Med
With their ability take on large-scale projects on short notice, True North’s cloud, implementation and dependable support services have been a huge boost for us, providing stability by addressing our many-layered IT needs.
Glenda Smith, ProOrthopedics
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