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Oro Valley is one of Arizona’s hottest tech markets, and as such, is in a prime position to take advantage of True North’s breadth and depth of IT knowledge and services.

We’re happy to provide our industry-leading managed IT services, disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) and EMR consulting to Oro Valley.

Beyond managed IT services, disaster recovery and cloud hosting, True North also offers key technical solutions in the healthcare sector. With electronic medical records (EMRs), EMR consulting to assist with best practices and guidance toward obtaining HIPAA and other relevant compliances, True North knows what it takes to keep your healthcare IT in top form.

True North is ready to provide the Oro Valley area with the IT tools it needs to be continue it’s already impressive success in the tech, healthcare and a number of other fields.

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True North has a wide array of options for those looking to bring their IT game to the next level, including:

Cloud hosting

We’re here to make sure your data is safe and secure, no matter where your store it. With our private and hybrid cloud hosting solutions, we provide cutting-edge security and encryption to help keep your data safe. Combined with virtualization software VMware, and we know how to make your network both secure and accessible.

IT solutions

True North brings a comprehensive set of IT solutions to meet your business needs. Whether it’s helping maintain a robust computing environment or staff augmentation, we know what it takes to increase your IT maturity.

Disaster recovery

With our DRaaS, your data is protected at all times and in every circumstance so technical failures won’t get in the way of your business.

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