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Maximize the efficiency and security of your VMware® environment by leveraging our expertise in infrastructure design. Our VMware team has comprehensive knowledge in providing optimized computing, networking, and data storage, while maintaining scalability and best-in-class security measures.

Today’s businesses need a competitive edge, especially when it comes to implementing and managing an effective IT infrastructure. It can be tricky knowing how to design the type of network you need, and getting it right can mean the difference between streamlined operations and continual headaches.

For that reason, True North offers industry leading IT consulting services that will help you every step of the way. Our expert team marries their outstanding knowledge base with their commitment to customer service, delivering the perfect mix of advice and know-how to get your operations up and running.

True North’s IT Consulting Services Empower You To Reach Your Goals

True North believes that proper IT infrastructure can empower businesses to achieve their goals. Our IT Maturity Model is in place to help our clients through this process, from beginning to end. We’ll take you from the initial step of planning a new computing environment all the way to having a secure, efficient and cost efficient network operation.

We’ll achieve this through the following data-driven process:

  • Working with you to understand your business’ objectives
  • Identifying your level of technological risk, giving you a proper perspective of the amount of risk your business faces
  • Creating a technology roadmap that will help you to achieve your business’ goals, employing solutions that will ensure your IT operations bring value to your organization

Why Choose True North’s IT Consultants?

True North is not your average IT company. Since 2001, our world-class data management solutions have given many companies the tools they need to stay competitive in a data-driven world.

Thanks to our wide array of services, our IT consultants can deliver a fully customized set of IT processes tailored to your company’s specific needs. Our highly-trained staff is ready to assist with implementation of a multitude of tools, including:

  • Cloud hosting, allowing you to take advantage of our private and hybrid clouds backed by our secure data centers
  • VMware consulting, helping you to navigate through all of your options regarding cloud computing and ensuring that your networks are fully optimized to maximize your computing power
  • Managed services, offering such solutions as proactive managing of your servers and networks; quarterly IT reviews and asset reports; strategic consulting and product procurement support
  • Healthcare IT, with a wide range of specialized support options to keep your practice thriving. With True North Healthcare IT services, you’ll gain the agility to keep your operations running smoothly

Driven By Core Values

When your business needs the very best knowledge and experience at your fingertips, True North’s IT consultancy services are ready to fit the bill. They’re in line with our vision of helping clients transform their IT operations to help them realize their business goals.

Diligence, agility, creativity, service, drive. True North’s core values are at the heart of our IT consulting services, and they form the template for everything we do.

Contact us to learn how our consulting services can help your business maximize its goals through a revitalized IT infrastructure.

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