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Do You Need An IT Services Partner That’s Fully Compliant With All Major Regulations?

True North is committed to maintaining a strong security and backup system that allows us to comply fully with the strictest regulation requirements. Being compliant is easy when you work with us.

True North is:

  • Fully compliant with all of HIPAA, PCI, SSAE, and SOX’s requirements
  • Able to leverage our expertise in maintaining compliance
  • Committed to making your compliance goals easier
  • Able to match the best security industry standards

Depending on your industry, you may be subject to regulatory compliance regarding the protection and safeguarding of the data in your care. While industrial and governmental regulations such as HIPAA and PCI can be costly and time consuming for IT departments and CIOs to acquire, the cost of non-compliance can be steep.IT compliance and Cyber Security

True North’s infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and cloud computing services give you the luxury of having a secure platform for your network infrastructure while adhering to full data security compliance regulations. Whether it’s HIPAA for your health records or PCI DSS for payment card transactions, we have the compliance levels you need in place for true peace of mind.

Why You Need Data Security Compliance

Not being compliant with relevant regulations isn’t an option. Not only is keeping your confidential information your organization’s responsibility, it can leave you open to significant penalties and liabilities in the event of unauthorized access.

Today’s wide-ranging use of cloud computing technology presents a host of challenges to the end-user. With so many providers to choose from, ensuring you partner with a technology company that has a commitment to security is essential to protecting the integrity of your data.

HIPAA non-compliance penalties alone can range in the millions of dollars. That’s not to mention the potential legal liability you may face should protected data become public.

Given the penalties involved, it’s clear the cost of non-compliance far outweighs the cost of compliance. However, for many organizations, becoming compliant is still a significant expenditure. Let’s take a look at how these factors break down.

Acquiring Data Security Compliance

The level of regulatory compliance you choose will depend on the size of your organization and your ability to make the investment. There can be substantial costs from both a financial standpoint and in time commitment. Some of the financial costs that go into obtaining compliance include:

  • Risk assessment audits
  • Professional expenses including legal and IT consultations
  • Costs to acquire ongoing compliance management tools

Additionally, there can be significant hurdles that come with the regulatory process. Many companies lack the resources to properly undertake the compliance journey and have to hire additional staff to complete the task.

True North’s Commitment To IT Security Compliance

With True North’s cloud-based services, you’ll not only have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data is completely protected, but also that we’re fully compliant with major security regulations.

What does that mean for you? By partnering with us, you’ll save the time and money associated with chasing your own data security compliance for an onsite network. No headaches, no extra fees, just dependable compliance coverage at the ready.

Our data security compliances include:

In addition to adhering to these data security standards, True North employs strict physical security protocols in our state of the art data centers. These include:

  • Full physical security measures consisting of keycard and biometric access restriction
  • Visual surveillance with an on-duty guard
  • Combination lock cabinet enclosures for all of our servers

True North is proud to provide state of the art cloud computing services that meet or exceed major industrial and government regulations. Our cloud security and compliance achievements position us to provide you with a safe environment for all of your sensitive data.

Contact us to learn how our data security solutions can help your business or healthcare practice grow.


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