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With more security breaches coming to light every day, protecting your sensitive data has never been more important. Whether for regulatory compliance reasons, internal guidelines or simply good practice, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) security is critical to safeguarding your information.IaaS Security Services

True North is a leader in providing IaaS solutions, and our commitment to proactive security measures is second to none. Our secure virtual environment, robust network and state of the art physical security at our data centers will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data is properly safeguarded.

IaaS Security Concerns

Many cloud computing security issues in Infrastructure as a Service revolve around two major areas: the physical security of the servers and the data vulnerability of the network itself.

It’s incumbent upon the hosting provider to ensure that when migrating their client’s data from onsite servers to offsite cloud hosting the process is conducted in a safe and secure way. Physical servers are only as secure as the level of diligence applied to them, and unsecured equipment can easily become the source of a data breach.

Also, the software environment of the network can be vulnerable to malicious attacks if not properly protected. It’s vital that IT staff work to ensure that security patches are continually deployed and that the latest up to date versions are in place.

True North’s IaaS Security Measures

True North mitigates these IaaS security concerns by incorporating the highest levels of physical security in our data centers. These security measures include:

  • Facility access control using biometrics and keycards
  • Locked server cabinets
  • On-duty guard
  • Visual surveillance

In addition, our physical servers are protected by an unmatched layer of redundancy in order to protect your data:

  • Power redundancy consisting of three battery arrays providing 48 hours of continual backup
  • Independent generator providing unlimited battery recharge

Finally, having True North as your IaaS provider means you will never have to worry about security updates to your network. Our dedicated team of administrators works proactively to ensure that up to date system patches are deployed on schedule.

Your computing infrastructure will be backed by physically secure servers and the latest security software patches deployed by industry experts. We take data security seriously and work diligently to protect yours at every turn.

Full Data Compliance

True North is fully HIPAA and PCI DSS compliant, vital certifications for healthcare organizations or businesses that accept payment cards.

Having these compliances in place is not only a testament to our security standards; it also means that your business doesn’t have to waste time or money chasing your own certifications.

When you need Infrastructure as a Service solutions, True North has the tools and expertise to ensure that your IaaS security is always at the forefront. Contact us to learn how our we can help you meet your business goals.

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