Flexibility is key when running a business, and you need a computing environment that can keep up with your organizational needs. The ability to scale up or down as requirements dictate without the costs associated with capital hardware costs is a tremendous asset to any business.

True North offers this agility through its Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) product. Our cloud infrastructure services provide a secure computing environment with unmatched scalability, flexibility and cost savings over managing your own onsite network.

Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Provider

IaaS is a model whereby a virtual computing environment is hosted and operated via cloud-based servers offsite. The host provider handles all aspects of the system, from providing the virtualized workstation interfaces to all hardware, maintenance, and software deployment. The end-user accesses all of this via an internet connection.

Instead of acquiring, staffing, operating and maintaining your own computing infrastructure, the entirety of your IT operations are outsourced to the service provider. This arrangement brings with it numerous benefits, including:

With IaaS, you’ll save money on several fronts. First, you won’t have to expend the capital investment to acquire hardware and the ancillary costs associated with it.

Second, IT staffing can be minimized or reduced entirely, representing an enormous opportunity for savings based on lower salary expenditures.

Third, by taking advantage of a pay per usage fee structure, you’ll be able to save the resources needed to manage the costs associated with running an IT department.

One enormous advantage of an IaaS arrangement is the incredible scalability of the system. As all the computing and server infrastructure is provided offsite via the cloud, you’ll have access to as much or as little computing power as needed.

With a self-managed physical onsite network, increasing network availability means investing in new hardware and staff to operate it. Conversely, a reduction in computing needs means that valuable hardware will go underused.

IaaS negates this issue by providing on-demand access to network servers according to your needs at the time. If you experience a spike in network traffic, it can immediately be directed to additional servers ready to handle the load.

Or, if your network traffic falls, you’ll only be billed for what you actually use instead of relying on undercapitalized physical hardware.

Another benefit of IaaS is the promise of increased availability, owing to the redundancy of the cloud-based network your data relies upon.

When used in concert with a Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offering, IaaS gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data will be redundantly protected and your networks can be back up in running at a moment’s notice should an interruption occur.

With IaaS, the host provider becomes your IT department, allowing you to deploy your company’s resources more effectively toward the ultimate goal of growing your business.

True North offers industry-leading infrastructure cloud services that can help your business remain flexible, save costs, be available and make efficient use of your resources.

Our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Solutions

As an enterprise-level partner with VMware, True North is expertly positioned to offer best in class IaaS solutions to your business. VMware is the recognized leader in cloud-based virtualization computing environments, working in tandem with our state of the art cloud services to deliver a virtual infrastructure customized to your organization’s needs.

Our IaaS cloud platform services include:

  • Private Cloud InfrastructurePrivate cloud hosting, giving your business the ultimate level of flexibility, scalability and security you need to reach your goals
  • Hybrid Cloud Infastructure – Hybrid cloud hosting when you need the agility that comes with virtual augmentation of your physical onsite network
  • Disaster RecoveryDisaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), giving you an unparalleled level of backup and recovery protection to ensure maximum system availability without loss of data

IaaS cloud computing brings tangible benefits to businesses seeking to outsource their IT operations, and True North is a leader in providing offsite infrastructure services.

Experience the agility, flexibility, scalability, cost savings and security that Infrastructure as a Service can bring to your organization. Contact us to learn how we can give your business a competitive edge.

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Our company has benefited greatly from True North’s IT expertise and world-class support. Since making the switch to True North we have achieved improved network stability and increased our security. Their knowledge in IT business strategy and project implementation is vastly superior to our previous IT provider.
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Technology is never trouble free, but with their expertise in cloud services, high level tech support, and custom applications, True North has delivered time and again. They’ve been a great investment for us.
Kristie Howard, Overlake Internal Med
With their ability take on large-scale projects on short notice, True North’s cloud, implementation and dependable support services have been a huge boost for us, providing stability by addressing our many-layered IT needs.
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