Cloud Hosting and Security, Managed IT, and IT Consulting for Medical and Healthcare Companies.

You need fast, cost effective, and compliant healthcare IT systems that always work for your physicians.

True North is a leader in providing transformative technology solutions to healthcare organizations, with turn-key IT consulting, fixed cost healthcare MSP services, and healthcare software planning, implementation, hosting, and support.

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What sets True North Apart:

Tell us about your IT project or challenge

We’ll put together a project brief, take any questions, and show you how True North can enhance your Healthcare IT.

Over 100 hospitals and practices under management with 200+ successful healthcare IT projects over 14 years

Cross country Tier-5 Platinum data centers with industry leading EMR speeds and reliability Learn More

Unlimited issue response with 24/7 support

US based teams continually monitor and optimize systems systems - up to 60% reduction of IT failures after 4 months

Featured Testimonials

  • “Migrating to the True North cloud infrastructure saved GEHC Centricity in our practice… our system performance has never been better.”
    – Sue Lowe, IT Support Family Medicine.

  • “With their ability take on large-scale projects on short notice, True North’s cloud, implementation and dependable support services have been a huge boost for us, providing stability by addressing our many-layered IT needs.”
    - Glenda Smith, ProOrthopedics

  • “Technology is never trouble free, but with their expertise in cloud services, high level tech support, and custom applications, True North has delivered time and again. They’ve been a great investment for us.”
    - Kristie Howard, Overlake Internal Med

  • “Our company has benefited greatly from True North's IT expertise and world-class support. Since making the switch to True North we have achieved improved network stability and increased our security. Their knowledge in IT business strategy and project implementation is vastly superior to our previous IT provider.”
    - Mark Anderson, Manager, Building Changes

Certifications & Partnerships

Our Healthcare & Medical IT Solutions

True North works with some of the largest healthcare clinics and networks across the United States. We have dedicated specialist teams who understand the unique challenges inherent in evolving a complex medical IT portfolio while ensuring strong physician buy-in and improved patient outcomes. Our cloud infrastructure is purpose built for healthcare software, with security that exceeds HIPAA, and unparalleled load times for the healthcare industry.

Medical Cloud Hosting Services

We can host your healthcare software and data with True North, or assist in implementation, migration, and management of 3rd party healthcare cloud hosting through Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and on-premise for optimized hybrid cloud solutions.

Every True North data center is Tier-5 Platinum rated, with security controls that exceed HIPAA regulations, and infrastructure that has been purpose built for healthcare cloud computing and hosting.

You’ll benefit from our years of experience in healthcare IT network operations in addition to our enterprise-level partnership with top disaster recovery and EMR providers.

Through our medical cloud hosting environment, you’ll gain easy access to your practice’s critical applications from any location, on any hardware platform. A virtual desktop network gives you the flexibility you need with increased collaboration, ease of access to your data, and improved scalability should your computational requirements change.

  • Medical Cloud Networks Architected for Healthcare Software

    True North’s fully-optimized network is ready to handle all the challenges of your practice’s data requirements, giving you the agility you need to stay ahead of the curve.

    Our load-balanced and fully monitored cloud servers are available 24/7 to handle all your data traffic efficiently and with fast response times. We conduct proactive maintenance and provide transparent network reporting ensuring that your access is maximized.

    • 99.999% uptime
    • 60% faster chart load times vs industry average
  • Healthcare Data Security and Medical IT Disaster Recovery Services

    Protecting your healthcare data is a sacred trust, and True North provides an unparalleled level of security. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data is secure and safely stored.

    • Sub-minute RPO and RTO
    • Support for
      • Single tenant dedicated private cloud,
      • Multi tenant virtual private cloud, and
      • hybrid cloud.

    We offer comprehensive backup and recovery solutions on our cloud servers, ensuring that you’ll never lose vital data in the event of a hardware failure.

    And your data’s physical security at our secure data centers will never be in question, thanks to processes in place such as video surveillance, key card and biometric access, and locked server cabinets to prevent unauthorized access.

Healthcare IT Consulting Services

We understand the complexities of medical IT, with a US-based team of healthcare consultants whose expertise span every field of care delivery.


If you’re trying to implement a major IT project, True North can take care of everything from assessments, planning, implementation, and ongoing management and maintenance. Our turn-key solutions allow your teams to focus on delivering the best possible care, while enabling your practice to better manage and control the costs of upgrading IT systems.

Turn-Key Consulting

Hybrid, On-Prem, and Hosted Cloud Consulting

The teams at True North are experts in deployment, migration, infrastructure enhancement, and management of hosted cloud, hybrid cloud, and single tenant private cloud.

We can troubleshoot your cloud computing challenges, and implement the best solutions for your long term digital transformation.

Healthcare Software Interface and interoperability

Our teams can customize or augment your software interfaces to meet the field level requirements of your Physicians and other key users.

We can integrate multiple healthcare IT systems for seamless usability - HL7, FHIR, HIPAA EDI, PACS-DICOM, CCDA, HIE, HISP Secured Messaging.

EMR/ EHR Consulting, Migration, and Deployment

Our teams have experience across over 100 common EMR platforms including Centricity, NextGen, Aprima, AllScripts, and others, with over 75 successful EMR migrations and implementations.

With exclusive partnerships through some of the largest EMR vendors in the USA, and the industry’s leading Tier-5 data centers, True North ITG is the best choice for your EMR software.



Moving your practice or clinic is a time consuming process filled with disruptions. True North has helped dozens of practices move offices, with no IT downtime or loss of access to healthcare resources.

Our IT teams can come onsite to handle the technology components of your move, or we can work remotely to support and augment your internal IT teams, with redundant backups and sub-minute re-activation of cloud assets.

Practice/Office Relocation

Using our tested framework, we create a comprehensive map of your I.T. maturity level and help you move your I.T. into the cloud, while supporting you every step of the way.

We can assess and plan your people, processes, and technology needs for implementation by your teams, or take things one step further with turn-key implementation and ongoing management.

IT Maturity


IT Maturity Roadmap

Process, Compliance, and Technology Audits

Boost your practice’s capability by letting us handle areas like HIPAA implementation, training on HIPAA policies and procedures, as well as healthcare IT consulting on long term IT maturity planning and roadmapping.



Are you adding a new wing, suite of healthcare services, or a brand new hospital? We can plan and integrate your systems to ensure your new facilities are running smoothly, and your Physicians are empowered with the tools and assets they need to deliver care.

Practice/Office Expansion

Medical IT Systems Training Consultation

Effective and ongoing utilization is a cornerstone of efficient healthcare IT costs. True North healthcare consultants can come onsite, or deliver remote training for onboarding, proper utilization, and best practice adherence.

Isolating an IT issue can be a time consuming challenge for internal IT teams. At True North, we know where to look, and how to reveal some of the most elusive IT issues. Our auditing services include Disaster Recovery preparedness, system performance, malware and virus checks, IT maturity assessments, and process vetting.

Healthcare IT Auditing

Single Case Consultations

Are you looking for help with something more niche or specific in healthcare? We have over 20 healthcare specialized consultants on staff and ready to assist.

We work with hospitals and practices across the US to address a range of IT issues.

  • Healthcare Software Consulting

    Our teams can consult on EMR/EHR, practice management, PAX imaging, LIMS, PHR, and many other healthcare software solutions.

    • Interface engines (CorePoint, Qvera, Mirth and CloverLeaf. etc.)
    • Practice management systems
    • Surgical scheduling systems
    • Lab Information Systems
    • Scheduling systems
    • PAX imaging systems
    • Document management systems

    We can audit, plan, implement, and optimize technology solutions that fit your specific healthcare needs.

  • Medical Data Services

    Our clinical systems engineers query, analyze, and optimize your database, giving you the tools you need to gain actionable information from your data warehouse.

    Our big data services include:

    • Database design and enhancement
    • Big data analytics and reporting
    • Advanced and predictive analytics, and modeling
    • Regular reporting including compliance reporting
    • Custom dashboard and interface design
    • Workflow optimization

Managed IT and
IT Support

Healthcare IT isn’t a one-size fits all solution. At True North, we offer tailored service structures that help you pick the best possible SLA for your current and future IT needs. Combine that with our industry leading HIPAA compliant solutions, predictable fixed pricing, tier 5 platinum certified data centers, escalated helpdesk support, and 24x7 support services with guaranteed service levels - and you can see why healthcare providers across the USA trust True North.

From basic remote helpdesk and monitoring services, to full-service white-glove vCIO IT maturity roadmapping and periodic onsite visits for proactive upgrades and optimizations, True North provides the industry’s best healthcare IT support services.

  • Tier 1: trueGUIDANCE - Cost Effective & Reliable Medical IT Support

    trueGUIDANCE is our entry level Managed IT for healthcare and medical facilities.

    This tier is meant to augment your internal IT teams, providing a first-point of contact for IT failures, and freeing your IT teams to focus on other projects.

    trueGUIDANCE Includes:

    • Centralized Services (24/7 protection)
      • Anti-Virus
      • Anti-Malware
      • Anti-SPAM
      • Automated Patching
      • Monitoring and Alert Notifications
      • Infrastructure, computer and tablet devices are supported
    • 24/7 remote IT support
      • Open support model
      • Available onsite services
      • Vendor management for break/fix
      • Simple MACD’s
      • Proactive event triage
    • Network Administration
      • Standardized processes and best practices defined
      • Documentation, licensing, and warranty management
      • Technology reviews
    • Ongoing network monitoring and optimization,
    • Automated escalation and response of IT issues to our internal engineers, and
    • Access to our healthcare IT consultants for professional services.

    If your internal IT teams need support and augmentation to help maximize the capacity of your IT staffing resources, trueGUIDANCE is the best choice for your care network, hospital, or clinic.

  • Tier 2: trueNAVIGATE - Co-Managed Medical IT Services

    Our trueNAVIGATE package was custom built to meet the needs of clients who have some existing IT staff, but need an IT partner to help manage and improve their tools and service levels.

    trueNAVIGATE lets you take advantage of our expertise to improve your I.T. with long term roadmapping and proactive onsite visits to co-create value and augment your systems over time.

    trueNAVIGATE Includes:

    • Everything from trueGUIDANCE, and
    • IT Maturity Planning
      • Initial IT Assessment and IT Maturity Plan
      • Engineering reviews
      • Solutions recommendations
      • IT business reviews
    • Professional Services
      • Project assessments and proposal services
      • Project management for True North projects
      • Client account management
    • Proactive Half Day and Full Day Onsite Visits and Systems Audits
      • Regularly visit your healthcare facility to audit your database and IT systems.
      • Generate audit reports and recommendations.
      • Implement system upgrades to boost performance and user experience.
      • Ensure ongoing improvements across 4 critical KPIs.

    If your IT needs are growing faster than your IT teams can handle, trueNAVIGATE lets your teams focus on the big picture healthcare IT planning and strategy for your facility, while True North handles everything from break-fix, to ongoing system optimizations, while providing you a strategic partner to call upon for larger projects.

  • Tier 3: - trueCOMMAND - Fully Managed Medical IT Service

    The trueCOMMAND package was custom built for our clients who do not have in-house IT team and need a fully managed service offering.

    trueCOMMAND builds off the services offered in Tier 2, and includes a full-time team of True North healthcare IT technicians on staff to deliver total IT planning, implementation, augmentation, and maintenance.

    trueCOMMAND Includes:

    • Everything from trueNAVIGATE, and
    • Full-time team of onsite True North technicians
      • A team of 1+ dedicated resources for your healthcare facility.
    • White Glove vCIO level professional management services
      • Long term strategic planning and roadmapping
      • Technology implementation and upgrades
      • Documentations and presentation of maturity planning

    With trueCOMMAND, True North takes the wheel, and gives you total command of your IT resources. We map your IT maturity path, maintain and augment your systems, and implement upgrades with comprehensive reporting along the way.

About True North ITG

True North is a leader in healthcare cloud hosting and software deployment, managed IT for healthcare, and medical IT consulting services. Our team of US-based healthcare IT engineers work to augment internal IT resources for hundreds of clinics and hospitals across the US every day.

We’re committed to ensuring that the US healthcare system has the best IT performance, with the country’s fastest and most secure data centers, and industry leading IT issue response rates and escalation.

With True North, your systems are faster, your IT roadmap is clearer, and your technology always works.


True North ITG

Why Do US Healthcare Organizations

Trust True North?

50%+ Reduction in IT Incidents

More than just a break-fix healthcare IT provider, True North monitors and optimizes your systems over time, with teams that work behind the scenes to audit incidents and build solutions that eliminate issues - building long term value.

60%+ Faster IT Performance

When you host your healthcare software and cloud computing resources with True North, you’ll experience America’s fastest and most powerful compute resources at work - with speeds that far exceed the industry average.

200 Healthcare IT Projects over 14 Years

We’ve serviced the US healthcare industry for over 14 years, with full time healthcare systems engineers on staff that live and breathe healthcare IT every day. True North has the best teams on hand for any healthcare IT project, and experience across hundreds of deployments and migrations.

Guaranteed Service Levels

We become your partner in reliable and cost effective care delivery by guaranteeing service levels with compensation structures built at the contract level.

Purpose Built Cloud Rated #1 in the World

We host multiple cross-country data centers architected specifically for healthcare software and cloud compute resources. Our systems exceed HIPAA and PCI, with 99.999% uptime.

White Glove vCIO Service

Our consultants understand the nuanced needs of your healthcare organization, with dozens of IT maturity roadmaps built and implemented, we are the most reliable IT partner you can find for healthcare.

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Connect with a Senior Healthcare IT Consultant at True North.

Tell us about your IT project or challenge.

We’ll put together a project brief, take any questions, and show you how True North can enhance your Healthcare IT.

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