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When your IT fails, you need solutions that get you back up in seconds.

Keep Your Systems Running 24/7

Our healthcare IT support teams work directly with medical practices and hospitals to keep your systems running 24/7. When things are running smoothly, we work to optimize your performance, letting you focus on managing your facility and delivering exceptional care.

True North Healthcare IT Support includes:

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Healthcare IT Support
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True North has been providing industry-leading healthcare IT solutions for years. We know your focus is on giving your patients the best possible care, rather than worrying about the intricacies of running an IT department.

Let us focus on maintaining and improving the technology you need, so you can get back to providing the high quality of care your patients expect.

Healthcare IT Support

What Sets True North Apart?

Healthcare IT Support For Medical Practices

Why You Should Outsource Your Healthcare IT Support

Your patients depend on 100% uptime. With cloud computing, e-Health, and EHR increasingly prevalent, an IT outage could cripple your physician’s ability to deliver services.

When critical IT systems are down, your HCPs may be facing patients without the resources to deliver care, and your practice may face lawsuits depending on the degree of service disruption.

Augment Your Internal IT Teams

Maintaining an acceptable uptime (greater than 99.5%) requires you to retain an overcapacity of IT staffing resources, which is expensive and inefficient – driving up your care delivery costs.

Our trueNavigate package allows you to offload break-fix, maintenance, and system optimizations. We become your partners, allowing your IT teams to call on us for any issues or inquiries. Meanwhile, True North engineers will monitor your systems, and perform periodic onsite visits to augment performance over time, allowing your internal teams to focus on internal strategic projects.

Focus Purely On The Care Flow

If you’re struggling to retain excellent IT staff, let True North take the wheel. Our trueCOMMAND service package includes a full time team of onsite True North engineers who will deliver total white-glove managed IT and vCIO services.

We will take care of everything, so you and your teams can cross IT issues off the checklist.

Full Visibility Into Your IT Roadmap

IT maturity is a strategic process that involves coordinating people, processes, and technology. You need a dedicated CIO or IT Manager, and strategic foresight into healthcare IT outcomes.

True North conducts a proactive IT assessment for all of our hospital and practice clients, and we map out the path to IT maturity that best suits your current use, and future strategic direction.

True North gives you clarity and direction for your long term healthcare IT strategy.

IT Staff Augmentation

Our Medical IT Support Services

Healthcare IT isn’t a one-size fits all solution.

At True North, we offer tailored service structures that help you pick the best possible SLA for your current and future IT needs. 

Combine that with our industry leading HIPAA compliant solutions, tier 5 platinum certified data centers, escalated helpdesk support, and 24/7 support services with guaranteed service levels – and you can see why healthcare providers across the USA trust True North.

We Offer Three Tiers Of Healthcare IT Services

 To help meet the needs and budgetary constraints of your hospital or clinic:

Tier 1


Cost Effective & Reliable Healthcare IT Support

Tier 2


Co-Manager IT Service

Tier 3


Fully Managed IT Service

1. Tier 1 - trueGUIDANCE - Cost Effective & Reliable Healthcare IT Support

trueGUIDANCE is our entry-level Managed IT for healthcare and medical facilities. You receive 24/7 remote IT support, ongoing network monitoring and optimization, automated escalation and response – of IT issues – to our internal engineers, and access to our healthcare IT consultants for professional services.

If your internal IT teams need support and augmentation to help maximize the capacity of your IT staffing resources, trueGUIDANCE is the best choice.

Healthcare Technology Services
Leader In Healthcare Technology Services

2. Tier 2 - trueNAVIGATE - Co-Manager IT Service

Our trueNAVIGATE package was custom built to meet the needs of clients who have some existing IT staff but need a partner to help manage and improve their tools and service levels.

trueNAVIGATE lets you take advantage of our expertise to improve your IT with long term road mapping and proactive onsite visits to co-create value, and augment your systems over time.

trueNAVIGATE Expands On The Services of Tier 1, And Includes:

Centralized Services (24/7 Protection)

  • Anti-Virus
  • Anti-Malware
  • Anti-SPAM
  • Automated Patching
  • Monitoring and Alert Notifications
  • Infrastructure, computer and tablet devices are supported


  • Remote support 24/7
  • Open support model
  • Available onsite services
  • Vendor management for break/fix
  • Simple MACD’s
  • Proactive event triage

Network Administration

  • Standardized processes and best practices defined
  • Documentation, licensing, and warranty management
  • Technology reviews

IT Maturity Planning

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Professional Services

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3. Tier 3 - trueCOMMAND - Fully Managed IT Service

The trueCOMMAND package was custom built for our clients who do not have in-house IT and need a fully managed service offering.

TrueCOMMAND builds off the services offered in Tier 2, and includes a full time team of True North healthcare IT technicians on staff to deliver total IT planning, implementation, augmentation, and maintenance.

With trueCOMMAND, True North takes the wheel, while not relinquishing your command of IT resources. We map your IT maturity path, maintain and augment your systems, and implement upgrades with comprehensive reporting along the way.

Healthcare Technology

What To Expect With trueCOMMAND:

24x7 Protection

We keep your systems safe and running perfectly by implementing and maintaining robust anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-spam software. Additionally, automated software patching, monitoring, and alert notifications are included as part of our plan to keep you protected. With these tools at the fore, you won’t even notice these issues as they’ll get fixed right away.

IT Maturity Planning

As part of the onboarding process, we’ll go through thorough IT and business reviews, during which we’ll determine existing levels of IT maturity and how we can improve it. Additionally, our engineers will do a thorough systems review and provide recommendations.

Professional Services

We offer comprehensive professional IT services, which includes project assessments and proposal services. In addition, we make use of complete project management for any True North project.

Constant Support

You need your systems to work constantly. That’s why we provide comprehensive remote support from Monday to Friday, 7 am – 6 pm. We also can provide support when it comes to anything IT. Whether you simply have an IT question or want expertise to bounce ideas off of, we’re your partners in IT. When big issues come up, we’ll come on-site to quickly get them resolved. If equipment fails, we’ll get it repaired or replaced immediately. Additionally, as part of our comprehensive support, we provide powerful proactive event triage. Simple MACD’s.

Network Administration

When you start with us, we’ll immediately work to develop standardized processes as well as best practices in order to ensure that you’re consistently happy with the results. Additionally, as part of the program, we’ll use periodic full or half day onsite IT health checks to verify that each component is running at 100%. Throughout our services, we’ll manage all of your documentation, licensing, and warranties, so you can keep completely hands off the whole process. Finally, as part of our network administration services, we do regular technology reviews to ensure your solutions are up-to-date.

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Want to Ensure That Your Healthcare IT Is Secure?

Eliminate vulnerabilities and deploy industry-leading solutions with True North

True North - The Leader In Healthcare Technology Services
If you’re looking for a custom set of services that include items across all three tiers, and something else you’ve had in mind, request a quote and let us show you why True North is a leader in Healthcare Technology services.

IT that Always Works for your Patients and Physicians

In today’s healthcare environment, your patients expect to have more access to your physicians than ever before. Patients increasingly want online tools to be able to check information, book appointments, and look at test results. 

Fulfilling these needs require complex technological solutions that must undergo regular maintenance. Our healthcare IT support services are the perfect way to ensure your platforms are all running smoothly, all the time.

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Empower Your Facility To Deliver Outstanding Service

With True North’s industry-leading healthcare IT support solutions.

In tandem with our suite of technology services your organization will improve tools that reduce downtime and frequency. 

When you work with us, you’ll remove the tedium of IT issues and be able to focus on delivering outstanding patient care.

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