The Main Problems With Healthcare IT Today

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As the role of technology in healthcare continues to grow (helped in no small part by COVID-19), it isn’t surprising that healthcare IT issues have grown as well. 

On the one hand, Rock Health and the Stanford Center for Digital Health found that in 2015-2020: 

  • Live video telemedicine grew by 43%
  • Digital health tracking increased by 54%
  • Wearable tech ownership increased 43%

On the other, 2020 also saw a 36% increase in healthcare data breaches, costing healthcare providers $7.1 million on average.

As more hospitals and clinics improve their practices with IT innovations, it’s more important than ever to be aware of technology issues in healthcare and their solutions.  


1. Clinicians Need More Intuitive Digital Experiences

One of the biggest problems with health information technology is how clinicians interact with software. It’s supposed to make things easier – record-keeping, access, accuracy – when, in reality, it often makes their jobs harder. 

Even before COVID-19 changed the face of healthcare, healthcare providers struggled with frustrating electronic health records systems (EHRs). The pandemic only highlighted how inefficient some of these systems are and revealed how a lack of innovative software can affect the mental health of healthcare providers. 

Migrating to user-friendly platforms and leveraging the power of artificial intelligence automation are ways to mitigate this burnout. Not only will physicians improve job satisfaction, but they’ll also be able to offer patients a better experience. 


2. Patient Experiences Must Be Prioritized 

Patient experiences have changed substantially over the last year as the pandemic required hospitals and clinics to rethink patient safety. For example, 2020 saw a substantial 46% increase in the consumer adoption of telehealth. 

And the change appears to be permanent too – with 3 out of 4 people saying they are more than likely to continue using telehealth services in the future. 

However, healthcare IT challenges can impact patients in a variety of ways: 

  • Attending virtual appointments
  • Paying their bills online
  • Direct health insurance billing
  • Prescription refills

Patient care and patient needs are evolving and many healthcare providers will find their existing practice management systems haven’t kept pace. It’s vital to stay one step ahead and make sure patient satisfaction ratings don’t drop.

problems with health information technology

Source: Rock Health


3. Satisfying New HIPAA Requirements for 2021

One of the biggest problems with health information technology today is navigating evermore complex HIPAA requirements – while embracing new technologies.

And with new HIPAA requirements coming into force in 2021, it’s more important than ever to ensure your systems remain HIPAA-compliant. Working 

To minimize the risk of HIPAA violations and fines, administrators need clear-cut people and technology policies. It’s why healthcare providers are turning to experienced healthcare IT partners to find solutions that offer maximum value for their practice. 

Consult with an experienced team that will help you identify and implement solutions that satisfy HIPAA requirements without sacrificing the workflow.


4. Cybersecurity Needs a Proactive Approach 

Protecting electronic information is perhaps the one healthcare IT challenge to rule them all. 

Health information technology has exploded in recent years, and with that growth, we have seen an alarming number of cybersecurity breaches. CI Security found that during the latter half of 2020 “more than 21.3 million records were breached.”

That amounts to a near tripling of record breaches – from the first half of 2020 alone. 

It’s why the thrust for hospitals and medical clinics to migrate data to cloud-based platforms. It allows providers to store data securely, meet HIPAA requirements, and cut costs – all with one solution. 


How You Can Prevent These Healthcare IT Issues 

With the evolving healthcare IT challenges of today, it can feel overwhelming knowing where to start the process of improving IT outcomes. 

Don’t work in a silo – consult with a reputed healthcare IT company that can help you resolve all these healthcare IT issues. The expertise particularly comes in handy if you are looking for HIPAA-compliant cloud solutions.

Benefit from over 15 years of experience from True North. Consult with an experienced team that will help you identify and implement the best solutions for your hospital/practice. We’ve successfully completed 500+ software implementations, and manage 10,000+ in our own privately hosted cloud.

We’ll help you:

  1. Improve clinician and patient experiences
  2. Ensure HIPAA compliance
  3. Protect your data
  4. Reduce costs 

Discuss your requirements with a specialist at True North.

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