Technology Inefficiencies and Network Downtime Are Impacting Your Quality Of Care, And You Need Solutions Now.

Our healthcare IT consulting experts will examine your existing IT systems, draft roadmaps and recommendations, and implement solutions that’ll improve your ability to deliver outstanding care, reduce downtime, and improve operational efficiency.

Why you should choose True North healthcare IT consulting services:

  • Full service white-glove planning to implementation and maintenance of IT projects
  • 200+ IT projects delivered over 14 years
  • 98% of projects delivered on time and budget
  • We continually optimize your IT over time
    • Up to 60% reduction in IT failures after 4 months with True North
  • Trusted by Fortune 100 companies
  • Exclusive expertise in the healthcare delivery industry (hospitals, clinics, and practices)
  • US-Based consultants with experts across specific healthcare streams
  • Local offices throughout the USA
  • Partnerships with GE Centricity and Allscripts
  • Expertise across hundreds of EMRs and interface engines used in healthcare across the USA
  • We can deliver on-prem, cloud, and hybrid solutions
  • Flexible and agile implementation model for IT projects

Professional Healthcare IT Consulting

IT is an essential part of any healthcare organization, but achieving 100% uptime, reducing open tickets, optimizing IT costs, and enhancing IT performance and outcomes is not the speciality of hospitals and clinics across the US.

Our teams are dedicated to the healthcare industry. We have specialized teams for each type of care delivery practice including orthopedic, dermatology, internal medicine/gastroenterology, and many others.

Our private redundant cloud assets are tier-5 platinum certified with advanced HIPAA accreditation.

We work almost exclusively with healthcare organizations across the USA. We consult, plan, implement, and manage hundreds of healthcare technology projects each year, with tens of thousands of seats under regular management.

At True North, we’re dedicated to providing complete healthcare IT consulting services.

Types of Healthcare IT Consulting Services

Using our tested framework, we create a comprehensive map of your IT maturity level and help you move your IT into the cloud, while supporting you every step of the way.

We can assess and plan your people, processes, and technology needs for implementation by your teams, or take things one step further with turn-key implementation and ongoing management.

Moving your practice or clinic is a time consuming process filled with disruptions. True North has helped dozens of practices move offices, with no IT downtime or loss of access to healthcare resources.

Our IT teams can come onsite to handle the technology components of your move, or we can work remotely to support and augment your internal IT teams, with redundant backups and sub-minute re-activation of cloud assets.

Are you adding a new wing, suite of healthcare services, or a brand new hospital? We can plan and integrate your systems to ensure your new facilities are running smoothly, and your HCPs are empowered with the tools and assets they need to deliver care.

We have partnerships with some of the largest EMR vendors including GE Centricity, NextGen, Aprima, etc. with over 75 successful EMR implementations and migrations.

EMR vendors trust True North because our cloud assets are purpose built and maintained in house. Our systems exceed all HIPAA regulations with tier-5 platinum certification delivering up to 60% faster chart load times and implicit redundancy at sub-minute RTO and RPO.

Our teams have experience across interfaces to provide application layer support for any software platform. True North is the only EMR vendor you should trust to ensure effective implementation, optimization, and utilization.

Our expertise spans all critical hospital software systems including,

  • Interface engines (CorePoint, Qvera, Mirth and CloverLeaf. etc.)
  • Practice management systems
  • Surgical scheduling systems
  • Lab Information Systems
  • Scheduling systems
  • PAX imaging systems
  • Document management systems

If you’re trying to implement a major IT project, True North can take care of everything from assessments, planning, implementation, and ongoing management and maintenance. Our turn-key solutions allow your teams to focus on delivering the best possible care, while enabling your practice to better manage and control the costs of upgrading IT systems.

Effective and ongoing utilization is a cornerstone of efficient healthcare IT costs. True North healthcare consultants can come onsite, or deliver remote training for onboarding, proper utilization, and best practice adherence.

Isolating an IT issue can be a time consuming challenge for internal IT teams. At True North, we know where to look, and how to reveal some of the most elusive IT issues. Our auditing services include Disaster Recovery preparedness, system performance, malware and virus checks, IT maturity assessments, and process vetting.

Are you looking for help with something more niche or specific in healthcare? We have over 20 healthcare specialized consultants on staff and ready to assist. We work with hospitals and practices across the US to help solve all kinds of IT issues.

Benefits of our Healthcare IT Consulting

True North delivers the highest quality healthcare IT consulting services. When you come to us, you’ll benefit from:


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Our company has benefited greatly from True North's IT expertise and world-class support. Since making the switch to True North we have achieved improved network stability and increased our security. Their knowledge in IT business strategy and project implementation is vastly superior to our previous IT provider.
Mark Anderson, Manager, Building Changes
Technology is never trouble free, but with their expertise in cloud services, high level tech support, and custom applications, True North has delivered time and again. They’ve been a great investment for us.
Kristie Howard, Overlake Internal Med
With their ability take on large-scale projects on short notice, True North’s cloud, implementation and dependable support services have been a huge boost for us, providing stability by addressing our many-layered IT needs.
Glenda Smith, ProOrthopedics
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