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Data in Your Healthcare Systems Has the Potential to Enhance Patient Outcomes, but You’re Struggling to Make Heads or Tails of it.

True North provides you with the expertise needed to rapidly gain insights from your healthcare data. Optimize your facility with our healthcare data solutions.

Why you should choose True North to handle your healthcare data:

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Healthcare facilities produce a lot of data. However, getting insights out of this mess of information isn’t an easy process. Finding the internal IT expertise to gain actionable information from your healthcare big data is all but impossible, as these experts are few and far between.

That’s why it makes sense to partner with True North. We offer comprehensive medical data management solutions, provided by our clinical systems engineers, which are designed to provide the tools your team needs to optimize your healthcare facility.

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Database Administration

Maintaining a comprehensive database in a healthcare facility is critical to ensuring that you can accurately manage, and therefore gain insights from, your data. Our clinical systems engineers optimize your database giving you the tools you need to gain actionable information.


Our clinical systems engineers work to provide you with comprehensive healthcare data analysis. Gain the insight you need to make decisions without the need to hire a skilled data analyst.

Interface Engine Design

We create custom interfaces that connect with various legacy systems by making use of a standardized messaging protocol. This helps hospitals and other healthcare facilities handle communications between the various systems and technologies used. We provide the framework needed to facilitate the exchange, integration, sharing, and obtainment of various electronic health records and other forms of information.

Clinical Workflow Optimization

Because healthcare facilities have so many different facets and are so busy, it can be difficult to pinpoint opportunities to improve efficiency. We’ll train you to identify and optimize your systems by examining data to gain insights into how your healthcare facility functions.

Why True North?

Our Healthcare Data Solutions

World Class Security Compliance on Our Private Cloud

Clients choose us because they want a partner that takes data security seriously, along with comprehensive clinical expertise. We implement the most rigorous, industry-leading security solutions to protect your data and keep you compliant. Our facilities have strict security measures, which include:

  • Top-of-the-line biometric scanners
  • Comprehensive keycard access
  • Visual surveillance solutions
  • Teams of military trained, armed security guards

Redundant Infrastructure

We also have implemented complete redundant infrastructure, ensuring that even if there’s downtime in our systems, you’ll still have complete access to your files.

True North uniquely understands your needs and perspective, as our staff have a broad range of clinical expertise. As a result, you can trust that we understand and align with your priorities, and because of that, we’re best able to match your needs.

Redundant Infrastructure
Comprehensive Application Layer Support

Comprehensive Application Layer Support

By providing you with actionable insights and comprehensive healthcare data solutions, you are able to heighten your IT systems. We implement, optimize, and customize your healthcare software to ensure that you receive actionable data that are easy to use, and help inform strategic decision making.

You’ll no longer need to worry about healthcare data security and a lack of insights. True North is a trusted healthcare data security and analytics provider.