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In today’s healthcare environment having the right EMR support services in place is essential. Beyond the integration and implementation of your electronic health record capability, you need solutions to help you as you grow.EMR and EHR Support

True North’s experience in the healthcare IT field positions us to provide best in class EMR support to primary care organizations. Our EMR consulting and EMR hosting services are ready to provide you with the solutions you need to deliver timely health care.

EHR & EMR Support Services

True North has a range of EMR support services to support your operations, ready to guide you every step of the way. From EMR implementation and integration through to providing training on policies and procedures, we’ll provide the tools and expertise to lead the way.

Our EMR support services include:

True North has the expert consultants to provide you with all the EMR support you need to manage your electronic medical records effectively and efficiently.

Not only do we offer the technical solutions to keep your records safe and secure, but we provide training and guidance to your team on subjects ranging from HIPAA and regulatory compliance through to software management.

Our consultants add value to your healthcare organization by finding ways to increase your efficiency, helping you to meet your overall business goals.

True North’s EMR cloud hosting services give you the flexibility and peace of mind of having us manage your complete IT infrastructure, freeing you up to deploy your resources toward delivering excellent primary health care services.

When you need best in class EMR support, trust the healthcare IT leaders. Contact us to learn how we can provide you with the tools and expertise to drive your electronic medical record management.



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