EMR HIPAA Compliance Checklist

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Download our Free EMR HIPAA Compliance Checklist

Being HIPAA compliant is essential for HIPPA Healthcare solutions and ensuring the integrity of your EMR systems, and protecting against the financial and legal risks of a breach. HIPAA EMR compliance demands adherence to 3 core pillars, as well as a process for notifications in case of a breach.

Our HIPAA Compliance Checklist Includes:

  • high level overview of every element of HIPAA
  • List of recommendations and common oversights in HIPAA implementation
  • A breakdown of each pillar, including,
    • HIPAA Security Rule
    • HIPAA Omnibus Rule
    • HIPAA Privacy Rule
  • Comprehensive set of checklists, including,
    • HIPAA compliance audit checklists
    • Software and IT checklist
    • Breach notification checklist
  • Case studies of HIPAA breaches, covering what went wrong, and the costs of the breaches.

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