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Transform your healthcare practice with True North’s eClinicalworks consulting, EHR assessments, and system optimization.

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Get eClinical Support and Assistance to Streamline your Clinic’s Workflows and Processes

  • Get EHR management, platform implementation, and migration solutions
  • Hosting solutions that guarantee maximal uptime
  • IT system monitoring, patching, assessments, and updates
  • Solutions for addressing each telehealth population health patient
  • Data security backups and disaster recovery solutions
  • Consultant assessments of existing eClinicalworks EHRs, facility workflows, and processes
Don’t wait on sluggish, outdated EHR systems, experience the best performance with your eClinical EHR/EMR deployment.

Work with TrueNorth to efficiently manage all of your eClinical work and processes:

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Why work with True North for eClinical Support

eClinical Software Services

Optimize Systems and Workflows

By optimizing your IT workflows, you can:

  • Speed up your EHR access
  • Eliminate system crashes
  • Commit to the top software configurations

With TrueNorth’s eClinical services, you will also get comprehensive clinical documentation for all:

  • Upgrades and updates
  • Installations
  • Patching
  • Ongoing monitoring
Improve Every Patient’s Experience

eClinical solutions mean less time on the screen and more time interacting with patients. 

Access records faster, reduce system load times and eliminate the confusion of coordinating multiple EHRs. 

By outsourcing core IT operations, healthcare providers can provide more personalized care in the interest of stronger patient engagement and revenue.

Revolutionize the Way You Deliver Patient Care

With eClinicalworks EHR consulting, physicians can bring a new dimension to patient care.

  • Better understand the ties between patient engagement and revenue cycle metrics
  • Increase focus on population health
  • Expand capabilities with solutions for the telehealth population

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eClinical Services
Guaranteed Success with True North’s Advanced eClinical Services

Our eClinical EHR integrations with our privately held and driven servers allows us to provide customers with secure cloud solutions across planning, implementation, and population health patient engagement.

Learn why these platforms are trusted by 850,000 medical professionals and 130,000 physicians nationwide.

Ensure HIPAA Compliance and Data Security

Maintain ironclad HIPPA and SOC2 compliance for all patient records, including full HIPAA compliance training for staff members and assistance with 

“Meaningful Use” guidelines. All information is stored in high-security data centers with built-in redundancies to ensure that all records are secured with best-in-class clinical data management.

eClinical Software Services
eClinical Support
Reduce IT Management Costs Across your Practice

Optimizing eClinical software reduces your IT administration costs across staffing, IT acquisition, and ongoing data usage.

With True North’s eClinical work services, eliminate unnecessary IT spend by leveraging scalable eClinical solutions. 

 With TrueNorth, you can maximize your IT investment and improve your revenue cycle management.

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