Cloud Hosting and DR Solutions in Yuma

Yuma, Arizona is a city on the rise with a strong technology, healthcare and IT sectors. Now, Yuma is able to benefit from True North’s selection of IT solutions, cloud hosting and disaster recovery software.

Yuma IT Solutions, Support & Cloud Hosting Company

True North is proud to offer Yuma IT support in a variety of ways, including:

Cloud hosting services.  With innovative virtualization software courtesy of VMWare that allows flexibility and scalability for your computing environment and private/hybrid cloud hosting solutions, let True North help your company fully access the cloud like never before.

IT solutions. Strategic planning, staff augmentation, IT consultation and more are offered through our IT solutions services. We’ll keep the IT side of your business not only current, but able to develop in a changing online environment.

Disaster recovery. Being prepared for that potential critical failure can drastically reduce the impact that these technical malfunctions can sow amongst your business. With True North’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), you can leave behind that feeling of vulnerability and be safe in the knowledge that your data is always just a few clicks away.

Yuma has a fast growing retiree population and with them comes the increased need for growth in the healthcare industry. Let True North help tackle your healthcare IT needs with electronic medical records hosting, consultations to keep you compliant with relevant standards and a variety of other IT solutions that will keep your healthcare service up to date and efficient.   

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