Agility. Efficiency. Resilience. True North harnesses these core values to help give your business an edge through our cloud hosting services powered by VMware.

We provide your business with the agility that comes with our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering, moving you beyond costly legacy hardware, training, updates, and maintenance.

Experience the efficiency that VMware cloud service brings to your business environment. Widely acknowledged as the leader in cutting-edge cloud computing, it provides the most secure and reliable cloud computing experience available.

Working in concert, VMware and True North give you the flexibility you need to stay competitive. Rest secure in the knowledge that our managed cloud hosting solutions will let you divert your resources toward growing your business and away from managing your IT infrastructure.

The Benefits Of Our Managed VMWARE Cloud Hosting Solutions

True North’s cloud computing partnership with VMware brings unparalleled advantages, including:

As enterprise-level VMware partners, you can rest easy knowing that your cloud hosting services are backed by the recognized leader in cloud computing, placing you in the most secure, trusted hands in the industry.
Featuring demanding SLAs and full compliance with all relevant regulations, our cloud hosting services are among the most durable in the industry. True North’s robust physical data centers feature physical security, power redundancy, and enough bandwidth capacity to ensure your operations run smoothly and efficiently.
Cloud computing offers a level of agility and flexibility that physical IT systems can’t match. The result is improved business continuity as well as expedited service response times and application performance. It also gives you the ability to deploy mission-critical applications in seconds, freeing you up to achieve your business goals.
With our managed cloud hosting services, you’ll never need to worry about the capital infrastructure costs associated with implementing a physical IT network. You’ll save significant amounts of money on hardware and software as well as service and support. And with a reduced dedicated IT department, you’ll be able to redeploy your resources towards other areas.
Since you only pay for the services you need, cloud computing offers an incredible amount of scalability. And because you won’t need to worry about either under using existing hardware or adding new components, you’ll always have exactly the right amount of computational power at your fingertips when you need it.
The nature of cloud computing provides opportunities for disaster backup and recoverythat physical networks can’t match. True North uses data redundancy and secure data centers to minimize downtime and ensure your information flows.
By taking advantage of VMware cloud storage solutions, you’ll be able to increase collaboration between employees. Anybody within the organization will be able to access documents from anywhere, collaboratively.
By hosting your data on our cloud servers, you’ll never have to worry about sensitive information being accessed should a piece of hardware become lost or compromised. Since information isn’t stored locally on the machine, confidential information is much easier to keep secure.

Why Choose True North’s Business Cloud Hosting Services?

When you’re looking for someone to migrate your entire system of mission-critical applications and sensitive data to the cloud, you want someone you can trust. Someone backed by the industry leader. Cloud Hosting Solutions

Since 2013, True North has been recognized by VMware as a partner in offering cloud computing services. This recognition is due in part not only to our excellent technical infrastructure but our commitment to customer care.

We believe in deploying cutting edge technology. In addition to our partnership with VMware, we’ve partnered with industry leaders such as continuous cloud replication firm Zerto, as well as virtual machine backup technology developer Veeam.

Working in tandem with these partners, True North is able to offer the most innovative and resilient cloud security solutions possible. But there’s more.

Our people make the difference, too. Our team features architects with double VCAP certification, along with our team of engineers with VMware certifications. We’ll work with you to assess your needs and tailor a cloud-based solution to your unique situation. Still not convinced? Ask our team about the cutting edge analytics we use to allow you the ability to increase workflow efficiency with data-driven decisions!

Our data centers are state of the art, employing features such as:

  • Physical security such as biometrics, key card access, video surveillance, on-duty guard and combination cabinet enclosures for all servers
  • Power redundancy via three redundant battery arrays providing over 48 hours of continuous battery backup, augmented by an independent generator
  • The bandwidth capacity to handle your company’s needs, with 100MB/sec available to True Failover clients.

The Flexible VMWARE Cloud Hosting Solutions You Need

Markets change quickly, and your IT infrastructure needs to have the built-in flexibility to keep your business ahead of the curve. Our private cloud hosting services provide that inherent ability to quickly deploy new software and scale your processing requirements.

By harnessing our industry-leading partnership with VMware and deploying our expert team, your business can take advantage of the numerous financial, logistical and security benefits that cloud computing brings.

When you need hybrid cloud hosting solutions that bring peace of mind, are scalable, and increase collaboration, look no further than True North. We provide your business the agility to change with the conditions, the efficiency of operations that VMware brings, and the resilience your network deserves.

Let True North take your business to the cloud and see your profits soar. Contact us today!

Our company has benefited greatly from True North’s IT expertise and world-class support. Since making the switch to True North we have achieved improved network stability and increased our security. Their knowledge in IT business strategy and project implementation is vastly superior to our previous IT provider.
Mark Anderson, Manager, Building Changes
Technology is never trouble free, but with their expertise in cloud services, high level tech support, and custom applications, True North has delivered time and again. They’ve been a great investment for us.
Kristie Howard, Overlake Internal Med
With their ability take on large-scale projects on short notice, True North’s cloud, implementation and dependable support services have been a huge boost for us, providing stability by addressing our many-layered IT needs.
Glenda Smith, ProOrthopedics
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