True North SFC Healthcare Case Study

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Case Study: Reduced IT Infrastructure and Management Costs by $364,000 over 4 Years!

Sound Family Medicine was facing frequent system crashes, overrunning IT costs, and a derailed EMR experience that threatened HCP utilization. True North augmented IT performance and redundancy while cutting IT costs in half and freeing up internal IT resources.

Learn How True North Enhanced IT for Sound Family Medicine through,

  • Significant cost reductions and ROI in under 4 years
  • Optimized performance for several key systems, including,
    • Centricity EMR
    • CPS 10
    • Docutrak
    • Biscom
    • IndexLogic
    • Qvera Interface
  • Significant improvements in all 4 major KPIs including Subjective User Experience by physicians
  • Shifted cost burdens from CAPEX to OpEx
  • Accelerated user experiences through automated systems
  • Advanced monitoring and alert systems to address issues before they arise
    • Cutting down IT incidents by over half

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