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Avondale, Arizona is growing at a fast pace, and will only need more IT services for its many industries as it continues along its current development path.

With True North, Avondale businesses won’t have to look far in order to adapt their IT departments to today’s growing demands.

Combine our various IT solutions with our healthcare IT offerings, and Avondale is primed to enter IT maturity. Giving healthcare providers access to IT security, electronic medical records hosting, and consultations, True North is here to help healthcare providers across the city.

Our IT services, cloud hosting, disaster recovery services and healthcare IT make it easier than ever to bring your company to IT maturity.

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With IT solutions, cloud hosting and disaster recovery software, True North is able to offer Avondale the best in IT solutions.

IT solutions

Experience top of the line IT solutions with programs like our True Failover BDR. Providing cutting edge data redundancy with disaster recovery, enjoy the security that comes along with comprehensive and dedicated contingencies focused on keeping your data secure.

Cloud hosting services

With today’s world operating online more than ever, data has become crucial to the operational day-to-day of businesses everywhere. Let True North help you manage that data by giving you full access to the cloud. With hybrid and private cloud solutions, we make sure that no matter where you are, your data is cared for and available.

Disaster recovery.

Nobody wants to face critical failure, but unfortunately, there’s no way to know when that unfortunate eventuality will strike. That’s why True North’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) will help assuage your concerns by ensuring that a technical failure won’t force a meltdown in your business.

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