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Is Your Healthcare Organization Taking Full Advantage of Your Allscripts Software?

As a leading provider of technology solutions to healthcare organizations, True North provides the expertise to ensure that your Allscripts software is properly optimized and integrated with your systems so that it can empower your practice to reach its goals

True North’s Allscripts EMR services & solutions will:

  • Help boost your practice’s efficiency
  • Ensure that Allscripts is optimized for your computing environment
  • Provide guidance to help users improve productivity
  • Let your practice realize the full potential of Allscripts

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Allscripts EMR Solutions

If your healthcare practice uses Allscripts practice management or EMR management software,
ensuring that it’s properly optimized and configured to work with your network is no easy task

Allscripts Consulting & Support

True North is an industry leader in providing healthcare IT managed services. We have the Allscripts medical software experience to provide outstanding Allscripts consulting and support services to help your practice navigate the waters toward efficiency.

Our Allscripts consultants offer a range of solutions through our Healthcare IT consulting services, including Allscripts Consulting, Allscripts Hosting services. Our expert and dedicated consultants have the IT and healthcare backgrounds to provide best in class integration, configuration and Allscripts EHR training for all of your needs.

Allscripts EMR services and solutions
Our Allscripts solutions include:
  • Full integration of Allscripts practice management and EMR management tools into your network infrastructure
  • Consulting and training for your team on policies, procedures and best practices
  • Integration of EMR into practice management
  • Vendor management
  • Allscripts application consulting
  • Our extensive experience with Allscripts software positions us to offer solutions for your practice tailored to your specific needs. Whether it’s network integration or application-specific training, we have the resources to assist.

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Allscripts EMR services solutions

About Allscripts EMR Software

Allscripts is a software vendor providing healthcare practice management solutions to primary care organizations. Hospitals, clinics, and practices use the various products to manage all aspects of care delivery.

The company offers several software iterations that vary based on practice size. They are used by over 160,000 physicians worldwide due to the efficiency and effectiveness. All versions of practice management support EMR integration.

The various software offerings include:
  • MyWay, a practice management software designed for practices with up to three physicians
  • Professional practice management, geared towards practices with 25 or fewer physicians
  • Enterprise practice management, which supports practices of more than 25 physicians with additional support for multiple specialties
  • Hospital management software which incorporates both patient care and emergency services management solutions

When your healthcare organization needs top flight Allscripts and NextGen consulting services, trust True North’s experts to lead the way. Leverage our extensive healthcare IT knowledge to help integrate and provide support for your practice management software.

Contact us to learn how your primary care organization can benefit from our EMR Consulting and practice management expertise.

Allscripts EMR services and solutions