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True North – IT Disaster Recovery & Healthcare IT Experts

True North exists to maintain the agility, efficiency, and resilience of your systems as a true competitive advantage. We can help you reduce costs while empowering your technology to help you meet your business goals.

We provide professional IT Disaster Recovery, Healthcare IT & Managed IT Services.

Contact us today to learn how True North can give your business a competitive edge.

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Our company has benefited greatly from True North’s IT expertise and world-class support. Since making the switch to True North we have achieved improved network stability and increased our security. Their knowledge in IT business strategy and project implementation is vastly superior to our previous IT provider.
Mark Anderson, Manager, Building Changes



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True North ITG delivers value time and again to our clients with our I.T. Maturity Model, thoroughly assessing each client’s environment, identifying their technology risk, and translating that into business risk. We then develop a road map to help ensure clients achieve their business goals, turning technology into a business asset, rather than a budget drain.
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