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In today’s data-centric environment, protecting your patient’s confidential health records is essential. Having full HIPAA compliance is not only required by law, but is designed to ensure that your clinic or practice operates according to established best practices.HIPAA Compliance

How HIPAA Compliance Protects You

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is designed to ensure proper procedures are followed by health care industry organizations who are entrusted with patient medical records. Whether this data is paper-based or electronic, practitioners are bound to law to ensure the confidentiality of this information.

These specifications ensure that you take measures to not only protect your data but also protect your practice from liability. They include:

  • Having data backup plans
  • Implementing proper password security
  • Implementing anti-malware protection
  • Enacting proper facility access controls/physical security

Unfortunately, obtaining HIPAA security compliance can be a major headache for health industry organizations. Regulatory hurdles abound during the process, and it can be tough to navigate the waters toward becoming fully accredited.

For that reason, partnering with a technology firm that already operates with full HIPAA certification makes sense. True North has years of experience working with clinics and hospitals, providing secure cloud computing services and solutions to those with vital data to protect.

Our HIPAA Compliance Services

Through our Electronic Medical Record (EMR) hosting and consulting products, True North is able to both provide you with a secure computing environment for your healthcare organization as well as arm you with best practices guidance for implementing and following HIPAA regulations.

As a leader in providing HIPAA and PCI compliance consulting services, True North has the tools and processes in place you need to deliver optimal healthcare services to your patients.

By leveraging our secure cloud storage, state of the art backup and recovery services and safe data procedures, you’ll be able to rest easy in the knowledge that your patient records are in good hands.

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