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Healthcare continues to be one of the world’s fastest-growing industries, and with it comes a vital need for dedicated and effective medical IT support services.

At True North company, IT services for healthcare are in our DNA. It’s been a part of who we are since our inception, and our dedicated healthcare IT team is committed to providing solutions aimed at keeping your practice agile, efficient and resilient.

Our Medical IT Solutions

We believe your energies are better served to help patients rather than running an IT department. That’s why we offer a comprehensive set of healthcare IT solutions that will support your medical practice as you provide care to those who need it.

True North’s portfolio of healthcare IT services allows you to operate more efficiently while saving costs. See to the integrity and security of your medical records while ensuring you always have access to your files in a timely manner with maximum network uptime.


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At True North company, our medical IT solutions encompass the full range of healthcare requirements. From consulting services through to secure, optimized implementation, we have the experience to help your practice thrive. Find out why our clients see a dramatic EMR performance increase from our tailored cloud built with EMR hosting in mind.Medical and Healthcare IT Contact us today!

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