EMR Cloud Hosting

Your medical environment needs safe and secure hosting for your electronic medical records. Having the ability to easily access patient records from any workstation is essential, as it has the potential to dramatically increase the workflow and productivity of your practice.EMR Hosting Solutions

True North’s EMR hosting harnesses state of the art tools, technology, and software to create a secure infrastructure for your EMR needs. Our private cloud services operating in tandem with VMware give you the flexibility you need to support your IT healthcare requirements.

Why Choose True North’s EMR Hosting Services

True North is a leading player in the Healthcare IT field, with over 50 clients currently taking advantage of our expertise.

When you choose our industry-leading private cloud services to handle your EMR and EHR hosting, you’re leveraging years of knowledge, expertise, and security. Our hosting solutions bring many benefits to your practice, including:

Full Security Compliance. Our EMR hosting is fully HIPAA compliant, ensuring that your data is protected to the highest industry standards. As well, our data centers employ state of the art security measures including restricted access, visual surveillance, and locked servers in addition to robust backup and recovery systems.

Unparalleled Accessibility. Taking advantage of a VMware virtualization environment allows you instant access to all of your documentation and records from wherever you are. You’ll also have the benefits of being able to deploy mission critical updates instantly including Healthco support and NextGen hosting.

Cost Savings. With our fixed-fee services offering, you’ll save both time and money over managing your own IT infrastructure. Capital expenditure on network servers and equipment can be significantly reduced, and IT resources redeployed to other areas of your healthcare practice.

Backup Redundancy. Our private cloud services offer access to best in class backup and recovery options, ensuring that your health data is always available when you need it. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data will be there in the event of a network disruption, and fast restore times will maximize your system’s uptime.

Trust The EMR/EHR Hosting Leaders

When your team is looking to gain an edge in delivering healthcare services, trust True North to lead the way. Our robust private cloud hosting solutions offer the perfect mix of security, redundancy, and efficiency, ready to support your practice.

Featuring full security compliance, responsive backup and restoration services and incredible accessibility, our EMR hosting services will give your healthcare team the agility it needs to let you continue your focus on delivering quality care.


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