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When it comes to enterprise data protection solutions in the cloud, you need a service provider that has what it takes to ensure your network maintains high availability at all times.

True North takes data protection seriously and is recognized as an industry leader in managed data solutions. We have the knowledge, experience, and tools to keep your data secure and accessible at all times, which we accomplish by employing a wide variety of solutions tailored to fit your needs.

What Is Continuous Data Protection?

Unlike traditional backups that only work on a pre-defined schedule, continuous data protection works to constantly create a new backup, automatically, as new data is stored. Once a complete backup has been made, the remaining ones are done incrementally going forward.

One of the key challenges with traditional backups is that version control is nearly impossible with so many users logged into the system. With True North’s CDP systems, all changes are captured in real time to ensure the backup is fully up to date, allowing you to restore your system from any point in time. Continuous Data Protection

Encountering a catastrophic data failure can seriously imperil not only your computing environment but your vital business operations. For that reason alone it’s imperative to implement and maintain a strategy that keeps the data flowing in the event of a disruption.

Similarly, protecting the data that is stored in the cloud is another key area of concern regarding data protection. It’s incumbent upon the cloud service provider to have the necessary tools in place to safeguard against unauthorized access.

True North offers the use of its industry leading cloud services to provide continuous data protection services in order to maximize your company’s network uptime.

Continuous data protection offers the following advantages:

  • There is no need to schedule automated backups, as new data is backed up as it is stored
  • CDP offers much fewer intervals between backups, allowing you to capture more data and resulting in fewer incidents of loss
  • Rapid restore capability, thanks to the fact that CDP allows you to restore your system from a point immediately prior to a data failure

True North’s Continuous Data Protection Services

When you take the step towards protecting your data with CDP, you’ll gain an unprecedented level of peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ll have a short recovery time, ensuring that your network and business operations aren’t severely impacted.

True North harnesses a wide variety of tools and strategies that safeguard data at all levels, in compliance with strict industry and regulatory standards.

Our cloud hosting solutions allow you to take advantage of True North’s  secure offsite data centers to house your data for your computing needs. Used in tandem with continuous data protection, these solutions include:

  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS): employing state of the art technologies designed to prevent data loss in the event of a catastrophic failover
  • Cutting edge cloud storage services, whether they are private or hybrid featuring load-balanced and optimized servers
  • Data centers employing state of the art security and redundancy, including access control, visual surveillance and emergency generators

True North offers the customized business continuity, disaster recovery and continuous data protection services  you need in order to maximize your network uptime. Contact us to learn how our data hosting solutions can help to grow your business.


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