True North: Navigating Business Through Technology

True North’s Focus

True North ITG delivers value time and again to our clients with our I.T. Maturity Model, thoroughly assessing each client’s environment, identifying their technology risk, and translating that into business risk. We then develop a road map to help ensure clients achieve their business goals, turning technology into a business asset, rather than a budget drain.

With this proven data-driven process, we have been providing best in class IT solutions and services for businesses of all sizes since 2001. Our primary purpose is to provide our clients with both peace of mind and a real edge in business, knowing that their systems are secure, efficient, and cost effective at all times.

True North exists to maintain the agility, efficiency, and resilience of your systems as a true competitive advantage.

True North’s Vision

To empower our clients by transforming I.T. to supercharge their business ventures.

True North’s Mission

To boost productivity and profit for businesses with complex IT needs using the most impacting I.T. services and solutions available.

True North’s Core Values

Be diligent.

We believe that through dedicated work we can improve the quality of life for our stakeholders, our clients, and even our clients’ clients.

Be respectful.

We believe that each of our team members has a vital part to play in delivering the excellence we’ve become known for. We choose to see what that team member brings to the table rather than focusing on surface differences. Even when there are conflicts, we understand we all have the same goal in mind. We understand respect is foundational in being a productive team and for bringing the best possible service experience to our clients.

Be honest and show integrity.

We understand we are only as good as our word. We strive for absolute transparency and honesty with our clients and with each other. We want our clients to be confident we will protect them and genuinely look out for their interests. We also want to constantly strive for improvement by being honest about where we can grow as individuals and as a team.

Be dedicated to excellence.

We believe when we push ourselves to excel, we have a greater sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, ultimately leading to greater employee satisfaction and a greater sense of pride for our people. We are committed to accomplishing this by establishing strong relationships with our employees and by selecting business partners that share these values.

Be reliable.

We believe we are accountable to our clients and to each other to deliver the best possible IT solutions and services. We understand people are counting on us to deliver so they can perform to the best of their abilities.

Be passionate.

We believe passionate team members are more fulfilled. We want to create pathways of success, allowing our people to pursue their passion, grow, and pass it on.

Be service-driven.

Many IT companies solve problems, but we want to set ourselves apart. We want our clients to come away with a WOW experience. To accomplish this, our level of service has to deliver above and beyond their expectations and generate an experience on the emotional level.

Stay agile.

We believe in the necessity of staying flexible as a group and as individuals. IT is a rapidly changing field. Staying agile helps adapt to day-to-day working situations and an ever-changing business world. Our people understand they will wear a lot of hats, keeping life challenging and exciting.

Be creative.

We believe expressing creativity leads not only to improved problem-solving and an improved working environment, but a more fulfilled life for our people. Staying creative has allowed us to provide innovative solutions for our clients, address unexpected, unarticulated needs and market shifts more effectively and efficiently than our competitors.

Be selective.

We understand that our resources are valuable, and we dedicate those resources to projects we believe are meaningful.


We believe that celebrating each other’s accomplishments lets our people know they are valued. We believe in having each other’s back.

Keep it fun.

We believe in our people bringing their full self into the workplace. We believe in Kings of Leon and Wolverine T shirts. We believe in bench pressing. We believe in large vehicles and general surfing iconography. We believe in obscure craft beer and Chicken Caesar Salad. We believe in black polos on Fridays and Metallica ringtones. We believe in football, single serve coffee, blonde streaks, and small conference rooms. We believe in the true power of air freshener.


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